Lesser Bruise and Playground Blues

iStock_children playing on playground (2) Let’s all admit that playgrounds are dangerous for children, especially when they are not properly supervised by their parents. According to Safekids.org, falls are the most common type of playground injury, accounting for more than 75% of all playground-related injuries and 45% of these are due to improper or lack of parental supervision. For example, small children may test out the monkey bars, which are not appropriate for their age. They will surely fall if they do not reach the next bar – or their strength may fail them – being unable to hold onto the bar. With that, here are some playground safety tips for your next visit with your child.

Check in Advance
As you are about to get home from work, you notice that there is commercial playground under construction. You think to yourself that finally you can bring your kid outside for some fresh air and exercise! But before you bring your child to the playground, check the playground equipment for yourself to promote playground safety. You do not have to check every piece of equipment by actually testing it out. You just have to see if the material is sturdy enough to carry huge weights and to tolerate children’s horse-playing.

You should also check on the surface of the playground. It should be soft and thick enough to soften the fall of the child (this is also applied when choosing kids’ equipment for your own residential playground). You can also ask the maintenance crew of the playground equipment how often they check the safety of the equipment.

Eyes Like A Hawk
Adult supervision is needed to ensure public playground safety. Children like to test their limits, but they are not able to gauge their strength. They do not always know what is dangerous for them, so it is advisable to have an eye on your child while playing. The parents should check the commercial playground to see if there is a spot where they can see their children playing on every side of the playground.

Safe Kids Know What To Do
You finally tell your kids about the new commercial playground on your block, so now you have to tell your kids about the ground rules while playing there. Tell them about safety rules such as no pushing, always wait for your turn, do not use wet playground equipment to avoid slipping, proper use of equipment, etc.

There are a lot of reading materials for playground safety that you can read with your kids or disseminate to them after you’ve read them. You should also tell your kids about the playground equipment that is appropriate for their age, and they should ask for your permission or help when trying out playground equipment that is for older children.

These playground safety tips are very easy to follow. The tips only require full cooperation from the kids as well as the parents. Getting your child to a playground does not mean free time for you; it is actually the reverse. You need to look out for your kids more. But do not be too paranoid or you may end up putting limits on their capabilities. If you can make your child follow the ground rules in the playground, then you will have less to worry about. You can let them have fun, while being around to catch them when they fall.

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