Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: My Niece’s Unpleasant Behavior

I’m having a really hard time with something. My sister Elaine and her man split up when their daughter, Carmella, was four; she is now 12. His mom (Carmella’s grandmother) has stepped in a lot to help with Carmella; I just wish she wouldn’t let Carmella buy whatever she wants. Meanwhile, Elaine — who had some stints traveling, got married and then divorced from a different man, a guy no one liked — has kind of backed off in interacting with Carmella.

Should I Help My Toddler?

It can be TOUGH – especially when you have to be somewhere – to let kids DO on their own, but making the time for accomplishments in independence is so important. Kids learn by doing, they gain self-esteem by doing, and they become problem solvers by doing.

Realistic Ways For Moms To Be Well

It’s why the old saying: “If you want to get something done, ask a busy mom” is tried and true. It also tends to mean that, in order of priority, moms tend to put themselves last. So while everyone else’s needs are taken care of, day in and day out, theirs tend to fall by the wayside.

Love Beet Pancakes

Looking for a Valentine’s Day recipe that doesn’t contain food dyes? Make these delicious and nutritious pancakes for your kids. This recipe is a great way to incorporate beets and have little ones try them for the first time.

Making Your Home Baby and Toddler Safe

From the moment you bring baby home, you need to think differently about safety, even within the friendly environment that is your home. You’ve probably always thought of your home as a warm, comforting and welcoming space. But with a baby or small child, there could in fact be hazards that never crossed your mind before.