A Kids’ Visitor Guide to Free NYC

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By Laura Deutsch, founder & owner of babybites

So every New Yorker (or in my case, ex-New Yorker) has a list of their favorite kid friendly spots in NY. Non-New Yorkers with families are always slightly amazed and intrigued about the whole “raising kids in the crazy over crowded” city of New York lifestyle (the no yard thing always gets them!). New Yorkers with families couldn’t imagine raising a family any other way. If you stop any mom in NYC she will, depending upon where she lives and the ages of her children, be able to rattle off 10-20 things she does in the City with her children on a regular basis. I had one friend who went with her three year-old to the Museum of Natural History for 9 Saturdays in a row (the huge floating whale never gets old no matter how old your child!).I now live in New Jersey but here are some of my favorite, as well as my fellow babybites team’s favorite, free things to do with kids in NYC:

1. Central Park: I know this sounds cliché but Central Park really is one giant playground for families. With dozens of playgrounds (most with summer sprinklers on) one of my favorite things to do is go playground hopping. You pick any ol’ playground to start in and when your kids are ready to move on you just walk a few “blocks” until you hit the next one. And repeat. Throw in a walk around the duck pond, a climb on the Alice and Wonderland statue, a climb to the top of Belvedere Castle, a few “pit” stops to listen to and watch the street/park performers and you have yourself a perfect day.

2. Times Square: Kids love just walking around here and checking out all the lights, people watching and cool vibe. This place will literally activate all your senses! Go early in the morning as it tends to get very crowded in the afternoon.

3. The Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge Park: This is such fun thing to do and a great way to see the city skyline. On the other side is a great park and play area. If it’s too far for you littles to walk both ways, walk one way, visit Pier 1 and the park and then hop in a cab to bring you back to the other side.

4. babybites Around Town: OK – so not to toot my own horn but our moms have loved our newest addition to babybites called Around Town. Here we list, in addition to special promotions, FREE events, concerts, etc. happenings all over the City.

5. The Apple Store: This is perfect for slightly older kids. Not only do they love the cool “glass cube” exterior but the inside has tons of computes and gadgets to try and a staff available to show them around and answer all their questions.

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