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Due to popular demand babybites is thrilled to bring you our new baby nurse listings. Just like our popular, hugely successful nanny board and babysitter board, these baby nurses come highly recommended and can only be posted by current or previous employers.

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  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Kay-Ann
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 646-637-1135
  • Desired Working Location: NY, NJ, CT, LI, LA
  • Reference: Eduardo
  • Reference’s Phone: 646-637-1135
  • Reference’s Comment: As new parents, Kay-Ann came to us as a trained baby nurse. She spent 4 weeks with us and has over 4 years of experience. She is CPR certified. She got our baby on a fixed eat, sleep, activity schedule, and by 3 months, Isabelle was sleeping through the night. She provided excellent breast feeding and colicky baby tips. Kay-Ann also comes with a manual of new born tips and suggested products for all your possible needs. We are more than happy to recommend her.
  • Posted: 2/9/2012


  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Christine
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 917-575-4488
  • Desired Working Location: NYC, all boroughs, etc.
  • Reference: Heather
  • Reference’s Phone: 415-602-3530
  • Reference’s Comment: Christine came to help us 3 nights per week when my son was 3 weeks old. We were the exhausted first time parents of a preemie and Christine helped us survive those first challenging months. She’s a certified and experienced baby nurse with a calming demeanor. She took amazing care of my son who had a lot of difficulty sleeping and she also took care of us. We couldn’t have done it without her. Christine is also a wealth of knowledge and was extremely helpful in brainstorming solutions to the various challenges my son was experiencing (i.e. reflux, gas, etc.). I can’t recommend her enough! Any family that Christine helps will be very well taken care of!
  • Posted: 1/29/2011


  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Dawn Graham
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 646-377-5860
  • Desired Working Location: Tri-State area, NYC, all boroughs, NJ, CT, etc.
  • Reference: Abby and Benjamin
  • Reference’s Phone: 917-597-5607
  • Reference’s Comment: Dawn is a fantastic and professional baby nurse. She provided us with excellent care for our daughter (and her mommy) when she was born. We initially thought we’d work with her for 2 weeks and ended up working with her for 7 months! Being a baby nurse is her specialty. She is trained in CPR and knows everything there is to know about a baby’s care. Dawn provides a aura of calm during a new and stressful time. We highly recommend Dawn as someone you can trust in caring for the most important thing in your life. Please note: Dawn also works with twins and is willing to do night nursing as well, if daytime is not needed.
  • Posted: 1/21/2016

  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Cora Martinez
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: (718)598-2759
  • Desired Working Location: Anywhere in the U.S. and Overseas.
  • Reference:Steven and Alyce Insler
  • Reference’s Phone:917-370-3917
  • Reference’s Comment:We highly recommend our daughters baby nurse Cora. Cora’s knowledge of infants, especially twins is impressive.She had our daughters on a strict schedule in just a couple of weeks.She was very encouraging and helpful with breast feeding,as well as meticulously clean and organized.She was very good with our other children and got them involved with the new baby, which was a tremendous help with the transition after she left. Cora’s professionalism and pride in her work is not seen in many people.
  • Posted: 12/4/2011


  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Shantee Manickchand
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 718-835-5949
  • Desired Working Location: Manhattan, Westchester, NJ, LI, CT, Brooklyn
  • Reference: Marian
  • Reference’s Phone: 347-809-7038
  • Reference’s Comment: Every new mom should have a baby nurse. It is just amazing! Shantee was my baby nurse and helped me to achieve a lot from diaper bag to baby care 101. Most of all she gave me the support and confidence I needed. Shantee has experience with single, twins, and preemies. She is certified in CPR and pediatric first aid.
  • Posted: 12/3/2011


  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Sheridan Bailey
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 347-455-2993
  • Desired Working Location: Manhattan, New Jersey, Connecticut, LA
  • Reference: Stephanie Sterling & Eric Sterling
  • Reference’s Phone: 646-831-6205
  • Reference’s Comment: I would like to recommend my baby nurse, Sheridan. She is absolutely wonderful and when I found out I was being induced early she was available to fill in in a pinch and exceeded my expectations. She has great experience, is very knowledgeable, and sweet as can be. She was also wonderful to our dog who, up until recently, was our only baby. She made the transition so easy for us when we came home from the hospital- especially as first time parents.
  • Posted: 12/1/2011


  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Arlene
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 347-678-7125
  • Desired Working Location: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island and California
  • Reference: Carrie Guillory
  • Reference’s Phone: 917-656-1797
  • Reference’s Comment: Incredible 24 hr/day Baby Nurse with extensive multiples experience available for January and February. Arlene has training in breastfeeding, sleep training and infant massage. She had my twins on a 4 hour eating schedule by week 8 and sleeping through the night (with 2 naps a day) by week 13. She provided a wealth of information about all things newborn to a first time mom.
  • Posted: 11/25/2011


  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Silina Phillips
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 347 512 6177
  • Desired Working Location: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island
  • Reference: Nicki Fisher
  • Reference’s Phone: 646 410 2180
  • Reference’s Comment: Silina is the most fabulous Baby Nurse and helped me get through a very difficult time. I am a first time mom who went through a pretty bad case of post partum depression. Silina not only took perfect care of my baby but she also took amazing care of me. She is a highly skilled professional who is trained and thoroughly knowledgeable in caring for a newborn. Both me and my husband learned a great deal from her, and most importantly, our baby was loved and always had her emotional and physical needs met. Silina didn’t limit her efforts to daily care. She also helped us understand where our baby was developmentally, and where she could soon be if we did things such as tummy time each day to strengthen her neck and placed objects within her view to stimulate her senses. She is a pleasure to be with, and despite living in a small NYC apartment, we always felt comfortable and happy to have her around. I would highly recommend Silina for any mother that is looking for an honest, trustworthy, dependable, smart, compassionate, and all around wonderful nurse. We will miss Silina tremendously and definitely feel like we are losing a member of our own family!
  • Posted: 11/7/2011


  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Loraine Maxwell
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: (540) 447-0690
  • Desired Working Location: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey
  • Reference: Pamela
  • Reference’s Phone: (917) 714-0348
  • Reference’s Comment: Our wonderful Baby Nurse and Sitter Loraine Maxwell is looking for a full or part-time Baby Nurse position. She started with us 5 years ago when our daughter was a few weeks old and still takes care of our daughter part-time. Loraine is a seasoned Baby Nurse with many years of experience. She has also cared for several babies while working with our family over the past 5 years. She is extremely responsible and reliable. She is loving, nurturing and caring. You could not ask for a better person to care for your baby.
  • Posted: 10/25/2011