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Help your NYC nanny find a new nanny job. Post their nanny profile on our mom-generated nanny board! Over the past 12 years, Mommybites has connected thousands of New York area families to full and part-time New York nannies. If you no longer need your nanny, but value the love and devotion she’s given your family, Mommybites is the perfect place to help your nanny find a new job.

New York Nanny Job: Resources & Advice

  • View our article on 7 Steps to Help Your Nanny Find a New Job
  • Once you post their nanny profile: We email your nanny a job guide with nanny resume, interviewing and reference tips all created by a nanny placement expert

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  • To maintain the quality of our nanny job board profiles, there is an $85 fee for a 30-day post
  • All nanny profiles are posted by parents who personally recommend their nannies

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