Pictures from the babybites BlogHer After Party

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babybites was busy last week at a very large women’s blogger event called BlogHer. This annual event, which took place in NYC, brought together 2,500 women (and some men) bloggers from all over the world. We decided that since they were all guest in our home city, we of course had to invite some of our very special friends and supporters to a fantastic cocktail event in the heart of NYC.

Everyone had a great time at our BlogHer after-party. The party had a nice mix of moms, bloggers, social media mavens, New Yorkers, and visitors. We even found a few dads and invited them into the mix. It was so great to celebrate all of babybites success and thank our supporters for sharing babybites with their communities.

Here are some great photos from the event:

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

In these photos: Aliza Sherman, Amy Belgardt, BreAnne Mansell, Caitlin Madden, Colleen Bohensky, Corine Ingrassia, Erica Fehrman, Florencia Ruano , Geogeller, Heidi Leder, Heather, Holly Rosen Fink, Jeff Pulver, Jen Rabulan-Bertram, Julie Cole, Julie Ellis, Jyl Pattee, Karen Connell, Kimberley Coleman, Sarah Ludwig, Maria Colaco , Max Kalehoff, Laura Kalehoff, Melissa Blais, Monica Storch, Rachael Herrscher, Ranuir Gujral, Tricia Mumby, Trina O’Boyle, Laura Deutsch, Heather Ouida, & Elise Jones.

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