Traveling with Kids?

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I recently attended ‘The Travel In Style’ conference hosted by Trumpeting Media. This event was right up my alley. I travel coast to coast with my three kids all the time. It’s definitely not an easy task to pull off. I gear up for weeks before getting on my five-six hour flight to AZ. Getting in a taxi with all of our luggage/carseats is a challenge but then I have to get out of the taxi and get everyone on the airplane. Once I get settled on the plane I have to  pack everything up and get my rental car! You know how it goes, right? A mother needs to be prepared! I am always searching for ways to make our traveling experiences better and I’m thrilled to incorporate some of these products into my very own traveling routine.

One of my favorite products from the event are DIAPER BUDS! I have never seen anything like them! My diaper bag and purse are always spilling over with diapers and wipes. I can barely stuff my own lip gloss or wallet in there. I always pack more than I need so you can only imagine what my bags look like when I’m traveling. These are the perfect solution. They are vacuumed sealed diapers and can fit in the palm of your hand. Stuff them anywhere. Even your pocket! When you need to use the diaper, simply pull away the wrapper and unwrap the diaper. Just the other day these diaper buds saved me. I went out for a morning play-date with my girls (2 yrs & 1 yr.) and then stopped at preschool to pick up my son. We ended up going to the park and going out to lunch. I definitely didn’t plan for all the diapers I needed. Chloe ended up having a blow out and I was scrambling for a diaper. I remembered that I threw the little diaper bud in my wallet for emergencies. It saved me and it saved my stroller!


This next product is genius! My two-year-old is expressing her independence a lot lately. She wants to show me how she can walk like a big girl all around the city without being strapped into her stroller. It makes me very nervous to let her out of the stroller. Finally, a solution! This is a simple way to keep our children within arm’s reach while they walk or scooter next to the stroller. My little Gwen loved holding the Panda Bear’s face while walking side by side with the stroller. Traveling with these are a must. You can keep track of everyone without putting your kids on leashes. When you reach your destination you will feel safe knowing your kids won’t get lost. Attach it to your stroller, wrist or belt loop!


My kids have been entertained from the second our cuddle uppet (Mr. Alligator)  made it into our home.  A blanket and entertainment all in one. Less toys and games to pack. They can make up stories and have their own puppet shows with these cuddly blankets. I will definitely bring them for the kids when we travel.


Ever since we lived in Chicago I have been paranoid about stroller theft. My brand new stroller was stolen in front of our apartment building. I never thought someone would steal a baby stroller- that’s just wrong! We lived in a very safe neighborhood, too. I wish I would have taken a few seconds before running the groceries upstairs to lock it up. Buggy Guard is a really small anti- theft stroller lock. I now have peace of mind when I need to leave my stroller. Think of how many times you leave your stroller behind when you are traveling. Use it anywhere to “park” it – zoos, restaurants, theme parks and more.


You are about to be blown away! The bubble bum is the first ever inflatable booster seat for kids 4-11 years of age! Perfect for family car trips and fly-ins with car rentals or taxi rides. I have taken the bubble bum on flights with me so my 2 year old could see the TV screen better. It comes with belt positioning clips in place of arm rests so it’s possible to have three car seats across the back seat of a car. This is a huge solution for me! When you are finished with it, simply deflate and pack it away! How convenient, right? also found in TARGET


I am really excited about Baby Cargo. I met Jodi Mesnick, the founder of this amazing stroller line. She is a mother of two and knows exactly what we as mothers need! Her designs are simple and her color palette is genius. When you view her product, think West Elm. She showcased three of her lightweight strollers. When I saw the stroller in person, I thought it would for sure be expensive. You will be shocked when you see the prices. All of the strollers weigh under 15 pounds, fold easily and are super compact! I was really impressed with the design! It has the ability to recline so your little ones can sleep after a long day of traveling or playing at an amusement park. You can use the peek through screen to check on them when they sleep. Baby Cargo offers the coolest diaper bag that slides right on the handle bars or you can wear it as a cross over bag/purse! Baby Cargo will be available at in April. You will not be disappointed!


Do you like getting packages as much as I do? Well, once a month you can get an amazing package sent right to your door full of healthy, useful & kid-friendly products for your family. Their March box will make getting through a restaurant meal, or that two-hour car ride to Grandma’s, a lot more enjoyable. So sign up soon. They will have surprises from great brands like Ritzy, ZoLi, Ella’s Kitchen and Weleda (to name a few), their March box is only $25 with a monthly subscription.

I walked away from this event ready and excited for my next trip. Not only are these great traveling products but I am going to incorporate most of them into my everyday life in NYC! Good luck moms & dads with all of your travels!


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