The Importance of Water Safety for Children

I’ve been a TV host and sports broadcaster for 8+ years and am about to be a mama of 2 under 2. Add in winemaker, along with my love for giving back. Basically, trying to get it all done… and done well. Sometimes I knock it out of the park. Other times I miss the ball. Overall, I’m enjoying the process which is most important!  While raising my daughter, one focus for us was teaching her water safety.

Outdoor Play and Your Child’s Development

While some of us focus on the political state of our country, I am focused on the politics of the playground – specifically, recess. Truly not just recess, but all unstructured outdoor playtime set aside for young children. As parents today struggle with carefully planning their children’s schedules, it’s important that they define the line across which their children go from being enriched, to being overscheduled. In schools, the quest for higher standardized test scores has recess being cut out and extra class-time added in.

Is the Tattle Phone a Good Idea?

This issue has crossed my path a few times recently as well, and it really got me thinking. On the surface it seems great. It helps teachers and parents – or it seems to – and the kids like it – at first. I mean… kids, a weird old timey phone, talking about themselves… what’s not to like? 

What to do When Your Child is Diagnosed with Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory condition that inflames an individual’s airways, and it is very common among younger children. If your child has recently been diagnosed with this respiratory disease, then you will need to come up with a comprehensive plan to reduce their risk of an asthma attack. Here are a few tactics and strategies that you can use to keep your child healthy and comfortable in the coming years.

How Clutter Can Impact Our Parenting

Falling behind on keeping your house organized after you bring home a newborn is far too easy. Unfortunately, while putting tidying aside can afford you more time with your child initially, if it becomes a habit, clutter can have negative impacts on how you parent.

How to Get Your Kids Unplugged and Outdoors

Now that Spring has arrived, does this sound familiar: You walk into the living room or den on a bright, sunny day only to find several heads bent down and staring into a little glowing screen? If you think about how much time your kids are spending with their tech, instead of outside getting fresh air and vitamin D from the sunshine, you might be worried. And you would have good reason to be.