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Enjoy an afternoon in a baby friendly restaurant and learn from an expert speaker about a topic pertinent to motherhood. Are you worried that your baby will cry?  Don’t be because it’s OK!   We have a private room in all of our restaurants so as not to bother the other patrons.  We know that newborns cry and fuss – in fact, sometimes our luncheons sound like a choir of cries!

Support Groups:

Our signature support groups are a great way to come together with a small, supportive group of women to share experiences, ask questions and gather valuable parenting resources!  Meet other moms in your neighborhood, find out about classes, excursions, and things to do as a mom, and have a playdate with your little one each week! We currently offer support groups for expectant moms, new moms, working moms, and moms of older babies all around different neighborhoods in the city.

Babies’ Firsts:

Baby’s first Halloween, baby’s first holiday season, baby’s first Valentine’s Day…you get the idea!  At these celebrations, we will have a professional photographer on hand to capture incredibly special moments, and we will also have musical entertainment for your little ones.  Make each of your babies’ firsts special & memorable with babybites.  We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


Finally, a chance to educate yourself from the comfort of your own home!  Each month learn about hot parenting topics – sleep, potty training, positive discipline, and more. Mommybites webinars and teleclasses are super easy to access – all you need is a computer and a phone!  Watch or hear them alone or together with your husband, partner, girlfriends, nanny, grandparents, etc.  No limit to how many people can join you.  Sit back, take a load off, grab that cup of coffee, and LEARN!


We host workshops on an array of topics ranging from potty training to positive discipline to the finding a nanny.  Our workshops, led by distinguished experts in their fields, often take place on weekends or weeknights to accommodate moms who work outside of the home. We encourage moms to attend our workshops without their babies so they can focus all of their attention on the topic at hand, although sometimes daytime workshops are held and childcare is provided in an adjacent area.

Radio Show:

Mommybites Live is our new radio show where we mix things up ‘live’ with our community of moms and parenting experts. We’re inviting you, our moms, to tune into this online channel twice a month to share facts and opinions on the hot topics of the day with parenting luminaries. And, you have lots of choices on how you can participate – dial in by phone or listen via a web browser. Whatever is most convenient for you!



The information on this site as well as information presented in associated live events is for suggestion only.  Individuals should consult with their own medical providers to ensure that all parenting practices are suitable for their own family.