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Rennetta Humphrey
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Bronx/Riverdale, Westchester
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Days, Saturday Nights, Sunday Days, Sunday Nights
We are looking to find a new warm family for our caregiver of 9 years, Rennetta. Rennetta has worked for 20+ years as a caregiver for infants, toddlers and elementary aged children. Upon meeting Rennetta we had an instant sense of security. She made the transition back to work seamless because we knew we could trust her. She was invaluable to us as first time parents building a warm, loving relationship with our son.   Rennetta is reliable, careful, thoughtful, protective, patient, lovable and totally present. She is always open to finding new activities, playdates, and has spent countless hours on fields for sports.  Rennetta has always gone above and beyond. She not only cooks for us but on her own time has cooked meals to bring in for our son. She has taken care of our laundry and we’ve never come home to a mess. She takes great pride in her work, is always on time, is flexible to come early/stay late and has rarely taken a sick day. She has made our time working manageable because we know our son is in safe hands. Rennetta is based in Brooklyn is extremely COVID safe and is available for either Full-Time work, Part-Time or housekeeping opportunities.  Rennetta can be reached at: 347-855-1672 Best, Kristina
Posted by kristina DiMatteo on 1/07/2021
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Days, Saturday Nights, Sunday Days, Sunday Nights
Rosemarie is the best! She has been with us for 4 years caring for my 4-year-old son and 9-month-old daughter . She is a warm, kind and loving person who has cared for my children as if they were her own. She has been an incredible support system to me and my family helping to establish schedules, potty training, playing with and teaching my kids, organizing activities and play dates, cooking meals, and keeping the house in order. She’s truly wonderful! She has 20 years of experience working with kids of all ages.
Posted by Hannah Smith on 1/05/2021
Wilma Neptune
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn
Wilma was with our family for almost 14 years, since our daughter (J.) was 4 months old, at which point I returned back to work post maternity leave. She is very responsible, always on time, thoughtful, and diligent. Most importantly, she is a very safe, loving, gentle, supportive, and caring person. This was a crucial quality to me, as I felt her calm, patient demeanor would be beneficial to our daughter, which was true. For me the most important thing as a new mother was that J. was safe and loved, particularly as I was away at work - which is exactly what we got with Wilma. She was with J. through every stage: infant, toddlerhood, preschool, childhood and now young teen years - and J. loves her very much. Now it is time to transition, and I want to help Wilma find another nice, loving family. She is ready to start with an infant again, or can also come in at later stage ages, she is very flexible on that. We live on the UWS, but she is also very open to other places in Manhattan. She is definitely open to Brooklyn as well, as she and her family live there. She is a kind soul, and she is a very important person to us, so I am taking an active role in helping her find a family. If any of you are in need of a nanny, or know someone who might be, please feel free to contact me at the 646# or you may contact her directly at the 917#. Thank you.
Posted by Alison Moore on 1/05/2021
Neighborhood: Queens
Our nanny Mena has been an incredible caretaker to our daughter Sasha since her infancy. Mena has over 20 years of experience in caring for young children, and we’ve been blessed to have her in our home for the last 1 1/2 years, where we consider her another member of our family. In fact our daughter has come to love Mena so much she would run to the door when she heard Mena's keys jiggling and instantly start smiling. Our daughter had never accepted a bottle or a pacifier from any of us until the day she met Mena -who was able to coax her to finally start drinking for the first time and eventually take a pacifier. Mena gives structure to our daughter’s days, giving her all her meals, snacks, naps and taking her outside to the park or just for walks outside - always sending us photos and updates throughout the day. Mena exhibits amazing patience in everything she does from feeding our daughter to putting her down for naps - both of which our daughter usually puts up a fight. While our daughter sleeps, Mena helps with general cleaning in the kitchen and does our daughter’s laundry. During the pandemic, Mena has been the model citizen, always socially distancing and wearing her face mask in public (including when she takes our daughter to the park). She is extremely careful to always ensure our daughter’s safety, so we always feel at ease and have peace of mind when our child’s care is in her hands. Any family would be lucky to have Mena as part of theirs, and we can't recommend her enough (feel free to email us at [email protected] for a reference).
Posted by Ray Lin on 1/04/2021
Mary Legazo
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Days, Saturday Nights, Sunday Days, Sunday Nights
Mary is wonderful. She has been a part of our family for 7 years, taking care of our son Anders. She is extremely loving and responsible. In seven years, she has not missed a day of work or even been late. She is hard worker but most importantly loves and has taken wonderful care of Anders. He is a very active little boy and Mary has been able to run him all over town and keep up with him.   We hate to see her go but our circumstances have changed we no longer need a nanny. Mary is gem and any family would be extremely lucky to have her. 
Posted by Margaret Stonema on 1/04/2021
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx/Riverdale
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Days, Saturday Nights, Sunday Days, Sunday Nights
Are you a new mom or dad looking for a nanny who will love your children and give you peace of mind that everything with them is taken care of when you're not there? I have your nanny! My children (now 8 and 5) adore our amazing nanny Catherine. Catherine was with our family for six years since my son Tate was 3 months old and transitioned to our regular babysitter when they started school. My children love her so much. They would run to the window every night after she leaves to shout their "I love yous" from the 8th floor down to her on the sidewalk below. I was so heavy-hearted when it was time for her to move on, and now it turns out that her latest family no longer needs her due to job loss during this pandemic, so she is looking for a new lucky family. At first, she can appear a bit shy with adults, but Catherine instantly connects and bonds with children. It was clear from her first interview with us that Catherine was so focused on our son, and her deep love for him was evident very early on. My mother, an early childhood educator, picked up on all of these things that Catherine was doing to engage with Tate that I didn't even notice. She has a gift. Catherine was always focused on our children, never distracted by her phone. She would always be singing and reading books to them. She made a point of meeting other nannies in our neighborhood, so our kids had playdates and social outlets with peers during the day. We always would run into kids in the neighborhood who our kids knew well from their park time and playdates with Catherine. She had our kids outside as much as she could, running around the park, in sprinklers, being kids. Which brings me to the next of Catherine's attributes: she is incredibly responsible and always exhibits good judgment. If the kids got wet or dirty playing at the park (which I love!), she would always have them bathed and clean by the end of the day. She left our home more spotless than we left it for her. She was always on time and never took sick days - maybe two total in the six years with our family. Somehow she maintains this perfect balance of love, activity, and order. She makes it look effortless. We would be happy to recommend Catherine and just want her to spend the next 6+ years with a great family who would be happy to appreciate all of her gifts.
Posted by Ellen Belot Roggemann on 1/04/2021
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Queens
Availability: Sunday Days
Mynette has been our full time nanny and I highly recommend her. She is a true professional that is reliable, trustworthy and loving of our girls.We were new parents when we hired Mynette to work for us full time and she literally taught us how to be good parents, and nurtured our daughter into a social and smart toddler. Mynette has a unique balance of being a self-starter who takes charge, jumps in to get things done without needing a lot of direction, but is also extremely easy and accommodating in following our instructions and preferences. This was perfect for us as new parents who needed a caretaker who knew what to do, but could easily pivot and take direction as we developed our parenting style. Mynette has also proven to be resourceful on many occasions: whether it’s taking my daughter to see the doctor, attend music classes, or buying my daughter a new water bottle as she noticed she wasn’t drinking from her sippy cup. She organizes play dates with other toddlers in the neighborhood. She’s also great about informing me on things my daughter needed like new clothes, toys, items to aide in development, or snacks she liked. Some exceptional things that Mynette brings to the table: She has a deep understanding of children’s development and how to reach and exceed milestones She is exceptionally punctual and reliable Completely trustworthy and honest An exceptionally hardworking multitasker Gentle, patient and kind Our daughters love her and she loves them She is the best in the business with 10+ years of experience and I highly recommend Mynette. We absolutely love her and any family would be lucky to have her care for their children. You can reach Mynette at 929-434-1315
Posted by Hagit on 1/03/2021
Dolly Naipaul
Neighborhood: Manhattan
Availability: Saturday Days
We are moving out of NY and wants to make sure our nanny finds a new job. Her name is Dolly and she is very reliable, smart, family oriented and experienced. She is amazing with newborns, started with our son when he was only 3 months which allowed me to go back to work with no stress possible I was confident he was in great hands. Dolly is an excellent fit in your family I can assure you. Please feel free to call or email me thanks...Emily
Posted by Emily Harless on 12/29/2020
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Days, Sunday Days
kiara worked with us as a part time nanny with my daughter from when she was just 8 weeks old and is absolutely an amazing nanny. She is nurturing, patient, caring, hardworking, very responsible and extremely reliable and trustworthy, it was always a joy watching how she interact both at home and at the playground with her, also the daily care she provided everyday, how she created great development skills and activities for my daughter. I always fell secure leaving my daughter in her care, when i was at worked or travel, and my daughter loves her, i felt bless to have had her as part of my family. kiara has lots of experience with newborns and also as a babynurse. she can be a great asset to anyone who wishes to hire her i highly recommend her ....kiara is currently looking for a new family to work and grow with...references up on request.
Posted by Feola Edwin on 12/28/2020
Shonnalee Ackies
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx/Riverdale, Westchester, Connecticut
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Days, Saturday Nights, Sunday Days, Sunday Nights
Our amazing nanny is looking for a job! My twins are now older and she had been a babysitter for many years after being our nanny. We have nothing but great things to say about Shonnalee. She is kind, caring, loyal, energetic, attentive and able to handle all ages of children from newborn on up. She is neat, clean, always on time and an incredible cook. Once you try her meatballs or chicken you will think she should open a restaurant. Shonnalee is like family and can provide multiple excellent references!
Posted by Elyse Weiner on 12/28/2020
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