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Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn
Debbie would ideally like a family with a newborn, todller, pre-school child. She would be availalbe to add weekend babysitting if needed.
Posted by Claire on 12/07/2021
Wilma Neptune
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens
Wilma was with our family for almost 14 years, since our daughter (J.) was 4 months old, at which point I returned back to work post maternity leave. She is very responsible, always on time, thoughtful, and diligent. Most importantly, she is a very safe, loving, gentle, supportive, and caring person. This was a crucial quality to me, as I felt her calm, patient demeanor would be beneficial to our daughter, which was true. For me the most important thing as a new mother was that J. was safe and loved, particularly as I was away at work - which is exactly what we got with Wilma. She was with J. through every stage: infant, toddlerhood, preschool, childhood and pre-teen years - and J. loves her very much. She is fully COVID vaccinated, and is lightly supporting us now, but understandably wants to have a deeper level of engagement, so I want to help Wilma find another nice, loving family. She is happy to start caring for an infant again, or she is also happy to care for children in older stage ages - she is very flexible . We live on the UWS, but she is totally fine with other places across the city/boroughs. She is extremely safe and conscientious about COVID, masking (even though she is fully vaccinated), hand sanitizing/wash etc. She is a kind soul, and she is an important person to us, so I am taking an active role in helping her find a family. If any of you are in need of a nanny, or know someone who might be, please feel free to contact me at the 646# or you may contact her directly at the 917#. Thank you so much.
Posted by Alison Moore on 12/04/2021
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx/Riverdale
Yvonne was our nanny from the time our daughter was a few months old until she was 11 and she is an absolutely wonderful nanny. She is a very responsible, caring, gentle and encouraging person. I particularly appreciated how engaged she was with our daughter when at home or on regular trips to the parks, museums and around the neighborhood. She was a dream come true for our family. I frequently received compliments from other parents about how great Yvonne was with our daughter and I always felt completely secure with leaving our daughter in Yvonne’s care. We had such a great experience with her! Yvonne also has experience with newborns, including working as a baby nurse. Happy to do reference calls.
Posted by Catherine ODwyer on 11/27/2021
Maria Felicien
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx/Riverdale, New Jersey
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Nights, Sunday Nights
We moved recently to Israel which is why Marie needs a new job. She is devoted trustworthy, loves my children like her own and a true advocate for children. She worked for me for 14 years helping to raise my 15 yr old son and 10 year old daughter. She has also been involved in volunteer work in the burn unit at cornel Presbyterian as well as holds a certified nesting assistant training. She also drives. She has been vaccinated against COVID. I have no hesitation in recommending her and hope you will give her consideration.
Posted by Michelle Mahler on 11/12/2021
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Bronx/Riverdale
Availability: Weekdays and Weekends
Toya is a wonderful person who has a lot of experience with newborns and babies as both a mother herself and as a well-seasoned baby nurse. She can handle almost any situation; she is calm and collected. She is also respectful, tidy and responsible. Toya spends time reading to children, taking walks, playing with them...She is up for anything! She's a great caretaker and would be an ideal babysitter.
Posted by Anne on 11/11/2021
Aleema Persad
Neighborhood: Manhattan
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Days, Saturday Nights, Sunday Days, Sunday Nights
Aleema is an excellent caregiver and has many years of experience with children. I have been working from home for the past ten years and had the pleasure of working with Aleema after my daughter was born four years ago. She has been taking care of my daughter from birth and has always been calm, patient, reliable, loving and attentive with my daughter. She implemented a steady routine and gained her trust with affectionate communication and play as well as exposing her to activities such as art, song and dance. Aleema would also travel to kid-friendly parks, and set up playdates. Socially and emotionally, my daughter displays a great amount of stability because of Aleema’s reliability and presence in her life. Aleema has also been a beacon of light to me while I worked from home with a demanding job. She is always on time, pleasant and positive when she arrives, and she immediately takes over. She is always very organized with arranging activities and looking after my daughter’s clothes, snacks and toys. I love overhearing them chatting and playing, her kind and fun demeanor results in laughter and thoughtful conversations. Aleema is flexible with timing and working extra hours. She is a family oriented person and has decided to move to NYC so that she can be with her son who is presently studying at Stony Brook University. She’s an amazing nanny and I fully support her decision and I’d like to help her find a full-time job with a great family. She has been indispensable to us, and will be to future families. I’m happy to recommend Aleema and answer any questions.
Posted by Zena Mohammed on 11/08/2021
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