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Meet the Mommybites team!

Lauren Alperin Meirowitz, Managing Director, Integrated Sales

#Mommybites Tip: Steer clear of glitter, it lives on forever! And ever…

Lauren is the newest Mommybites family member, bringing an all-encompassing Manhattan Mom know-how and more years than she cares to admit, of cross-platform media sales and marketing experience to the group. Prior to joining Mommybites, and NYMetroParents too, Lauren was VP of Sales Development at Morris Communications where she sold digital and print, event and sponsorship programs to small and larger multi-million dollar partners.

Lauren loves seeing life in NYC and beyond thru the eyes of her young son. In her free time she enjoys building with Magna Tiles, creating art masterpieces with a glue stick, tape, poster board and any messy supplies, making play dough and chasing her son in the park.

Jennifer Rojas, Editor & Operations Director

Jennifer Rojas, Editor & Operations Director at Mommybites, mom support, parenting tips and nanny boards

Jennifer’s background includes 25+ years of corporate operational experience, leading programs and teams around the world. She’s had the pleasure of keeping clients, colleagues, and entrepreneurs happy from locations such as Manhattan conference rooms to Tel Aviv beaches and cafes, and from European trains to medieval castles. Jennifer graduated from George Mason University’s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR) with an M.S. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

Jennifer Rojas is responsible for conducting Mommybites’ day-to-day business operations: overseeing email marketing, managing client and customer implementations and relationships, growing e-commerce, managing our team of bloggers and blog content, managing web site updates, curating social media, keeping all the spokes of the Mommybites “wheel” rolling, and learning waaaay more than she’d like to about google analytics.

Jennifer is currently trying to overcome her reverse culture shock deep in the Philadelphia suburbs, after living in Israel for 8 years with her archaeologist husband. She enjoys Ballroom and Latin dancing, heavy metal concerts, walking in nature, being anywhere near the sea, and being an “Aunt” to many of her friends’ human and furry kids. She is also a Certified Hypnotist, and loves helping people achieve their self-improvement goals.

Sara Richman, Marketing and Brand Partnership Director

Sara is responsible for creating integrated editorial and multimedia packages for partner companies. She elevates Mommybites’ social media presence, as well as creates strategic marketing plans and promotional materials for the brand.

Sara graduated with a BA in Psychology from Harvard College and spent 15 years both buying and selling advertising with the bulk of her career as an account executive at the NY Times. Prior to joining Mommybites, Sara created a marketing consulting firm, CSG, NY (Creative Solutions Group) to service the media and marketing needs of small businesses.

When not coming up with ways to grow the Mommybites brand, Sara is a fitness enthusiast and mom/driver/chef to two tween girls.

Silvia Balu, Director of Digital Content Development

Silvia combines the precision of a Swiss watch, thanks to her background in Psychology from the University of Basel, Switzerland, and her exceptional technical skills learned in NYC, to bring this know-how and build the cool Mommybites brand images on our site and emails.

Silvia, her husband, young daughter, and two cats reside in the hip borough of Brooklyn and take in all the NYC sites so she can give her little one the best Mommybites tips about architecture, color and design to strategically build the trendiest designed Legos, clay structures and magic marker creations.

Laura Deutsch, Mommybites Co-Founder

Laura Deutsch, Mommybites Co-Founder, helping expected moms and moms to be, new york moms

Laura Deutsch is the co-founder of Mommybites and the original founder and creator of Babybites. Since first starting Babybites in 2006 by handing out post cards to fellow moms on the streets of Manhattan, Laura has continued to use her business savvy, dedication and creativity to cultivate and grow Mommybites both nationally and in its flagship city of Manhattan. Prior to founding Mommybites, Laura worked as a middle school math teacher at The Dwight School in Manhattan. Laura holds her BA from Binghamton University and her MA in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College. She currently resides in Summit, NJ with her husband, Brian, daughter, Ava, and son, Jacob.

Heather Ouida, Mommybites Co-Founder

Heather Ouida, Mommybites Co-Founder, helping moms and expected moms find education, childcare and support

Heather Ouida co-founded Mommybites with business partner Laura Deutsch. She is responsible for managing, growing and overseeing Mommybites (previously known as Babybites and Kiddybites) nationally, as well their flagship city of Manhattan. Heather’s favorite parts of her job include writing her blog, which varies between sappy, educational and downright snarky, interviewing parenting experts for Mommybites’ regular free online parenting class series and writing her regular parenting column for NY Family Magazine. Prior to co-founding Mommybites, Heather was a learning specialist where she taught in London for many years as well as at The Dalton School in Manhattan. Heather holds a BA in psychology from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, an MA in child development from Tufts University and acquired her learning specialist degree from York University in England. Heather currently resides in Manhattan with her husband, two boys, two fish and pet turtle. Heather’s hobbies include hot yoga, Nutella eating, writing, Bravo watching and reading and sharing immature jokes with girlfriends. To learn more about Heather’s mission to support fellow moms in non-judgmental ways please click here.