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Judy (Bibi) Haniff
Neighborhood: Manhattan
Judy is loving, caring, conscientious, reliable, honest and an overall wonderful nanny. She worked for us for over 10 years, when my youngest of two daughters was newly born. My oldest daughter was three. Judy is loving, proud of the achievements of the children she cares for and a great partner with the parents for whom she works. She is always smiling, very easy to work with, accommodating to parents and their needs. One never has to worry about their child or children if Judy is caring for them. She enjoys setting up play dates and taking children to the parks and to classes. She proatively organizes play dates with other nannies an other parents! I received countless positive comments about how wonderful Judy is from our doormen, neighbors, and fellow parents.
Posted by CAROLINE EICHMAN on 7/22/2021
Anita KC
Neighborhood: Manhattan
Availability: Saturday Days, Sunday Nights
Our nanny, Anita KC, joined us when I was due for my 2nd child in April. She is truly god sent and was there for our family in every sense. Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a better candidate for employment. Over these past months, she has truly become a part of our family. She did everything for our newborn, right from making a schedule to monitoring feeding, bathing. She also takes care of our son who is 2 years old once he comes back from the daycare. She is so loving and caring and gentle with him considering he is at the peak of his tantrum phase. She has always, punctual and never having taken any unscheduled time away. Despite having somewhat of a long commute, she was always on time or early. I am so confident of leaving my kids with her alone as we feel confident that she could take care of our children and provide the same level of loving care, respect and guidance that we try to provide as parents. IN addition to her job responsibilities with the kids she helps out with cooking healthy meals for the children and doing laundry- all while keeping the house tidy. The best thing about her is that even though she has so much experience, she is always willing to learn and adapt to your way of parenting. She suggests ideas but is never too intrusive. She also keeps her skills up to date by enrolling in nanny training and CPR skills. She has also completed courses in nutritional needs for children. We are so sorry to see her go and will miss her terribly. Our family is moving countries and that is the only reason we have to let her go. I sincerely hope that you are quick to give her a position, as her warmth, attentive care, and inviting personality will be sure to endear her to you and your family. Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email if you’d like any additional information; I’d be happy to share!
Posted by Akashna Anand on 7/20/2021
Angela Locke
Neighborhood: Brooklyn
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Days, Saturday Nights
Angela is warm, friendly, positive, very smart and can assist in homework or school projects, can play games, engaged with kids, enthusiastic, communicates well, can make meals, reliable, trustworthy
Posted by Carolyn McIntyre on 7/16/2021
Neighborhood: Queens
Martha is intelligent, caring, and responsible. She has cared for my son for four years. He starts school in September and she will be available during the hours he is at school. Starting late September, Martha will be available from 9am-2pm in Forest Hills, Queens, Monday to Friday. Martha speaks Spanish and English; thanks to her my son is fluent in Spanish. She is great with new borns to young children. She is creative and does interesting and engaging projects with my son. She read to him a lot and arranged lots of great playdates. Since I would want her available for my son should he need to be absent from school at any point, this nanny-share would be part-time and in Forest Hills, Queens, only.
Posted by Arthi Krishna on 7/12/2021
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Bronx/Riverdale
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Nights, Sunday Days
Barbara is an exceptional nanny and person. She came to us in the height of the pandemic, and made our lives so much easier. My youngest was just 2 weeks old at the time. Barbara was able to seamlessly jump in, creating order where needed. She not only assisted my older children (5, 8 & 13) with their newly appointed on line schooling, but also cooked dinner for my family of 6 on most evenings. Barbara, who is a former elementary school teacher was able to juggle caring for a newborn while monitoring our pre-K and 3rd grader. In fact, both children ended the school year making the honor roll! She is very engaged, always having new ways to keep them entertained and occupied, during the long stay at home days. She did light cleaning when possible. Barbara is gentle but firm, loving, and understanding. She has the know-how, and it is evident that she has done this a time or two. Barbara is punctual, and is flexible. She had no problems being available for a few occasional date nights. My family is relocating to San Antonio, TX, and this is the only reason why she is no longer with us. However, trust me if taking her with us was an option we most definitely would.
Posted by Avriel D Russell on 7/09/2021
Vashni Myers
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Days, Saturday Nights, Sunday Days, Sunday Nights
Our needs have changed and our wonderful nanny of 2 years is now available to join a new family. Vashni joined us with our second daughter was 2+ years old and our oldest was 5 years old. She has taken care of our two girls as her own. To name a few feats, she potty trained our youngest, remote schooled Pre-K, K and 1st grades, watched two active children at once, managed different daily pick-up drop off schedules at different locations, made sure they ate healthy snacks/foods, took them to lots of fun field trips via the subway, and was just wonderfully carefree/playful with them. Vashni’s strengths include her patience (especially in handling a toddler), her warmheartedness, ability to play with young children, being reliable/trustworthy/punctual, openness to a parent’s suggestion/request and flexibility. Vashni is in amazing shape and can chase down any toddler for hours. With two young children home schooling and two working parents at home, Vashni was a treasure to have in a small apartment. Vashni has more than 12+ years of experience caring for children between the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years old in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Vashni also attended college, studying Biology. Vashni is fully vaccinated and was extremely careful throughout the pandemic. She is also comfortable with dogs.
Posted by Estelle Tu on 7/03/2021
Keita Fodeba
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Days, Saturday Nights, Sunday Days, Sunday Nights
Keita is the nanny you want to snatch up! It was serendipitous the day we found our nanny. Our doorman told me, "you have to grab Keita. She is the best and her family is moving to Philly. She will be needing a new job soon". It was so easy and I never looked back. Keita was with us for about 6 years, starting 3 months after my older son was born. As new parents, she was perfect for us. Her confidence and delicacy with which she took care of our newborn was reassuring and mind-blowing to us. She really showed us the way. She home made all his first foods - all the purées. She is a great cook! Like any parent, I hated going back to work and leaving my child at that age. She sent me pictures every day of my smiling, happy boy. The bonus with Keita - she speaks French. We asked her to only speak to our kids in French so they would get that added benefit. She loves the idea that she can help teach a native English speaking child French. I went out and got French books and it was great having that added influence. I loved to hear my little one say "sil vous plait"! On this note, I suggest if you are interested in speaking with Keita and doing an informal screening interview over the phone first you will miss out on getting to know Keita. Her strong suit is her personality which, with the language barrier of her accent and that she’s not a native English speaker, things definitely get lost in translation over the phone. You must meet her to know how wonderful she is. Please interview in person to get the true Keita! One of my biggest nanny pet peeves- I HATE when I see nannies walking their child with headphones on- or gabbing on the phone. You would never see Keita doing this. She doesn't watch tv - and so the tv was never on in our home while she was taking care of our 2 kids. She engaged all the time and her #1 priority is focusing on our kids and making sure they are happy. She has so much love and care in her heart; you can rest assured your children will be loved and cared for as close to a parent's love as possible. When the kids were playing off by themselves or napping she looked for ways to be helpful to the family. She really went above and beyond. She has an incredible work ethic. She is very social and makes connections with other nannies at the playground with ease. She helped our children make friends with other kids at the playground and planned playdates often and easily (I gave her permission to do this!). During classes she would get on the floor with our kids and particpate in the 'mommy and me' classes as though my children were her own. My kids took karate classes and I received the most amazing email from the receptionist there- out of no where - at the time. I have to share an excerpt from it it to exemplify what is so special about her: "I am taking a chance to offer some unsolicited opinion. I do not do this often. In fact, this is the second time. So here goes...I have had a few occasions to observe [S] and [J's] child care provider (babysitter) thus far. I don't recall her name. I have to say she is so good with your children. Her smile of pride and approval for their accomplishments here is beautiful...Trust me, I see nannies that are not attentive to their children. Good choice in hiring her". This was not the first time I had been told how wonderful Keita was by random people over the years. She is extremely trustworthy. I can say without a doubt she would never lie- never do anything that wasn't honest. She has very high moral standards. When we hired her to work with us on the Upper West Side we told her we were planning a move to Brooklyn within the year. She told us "as hard as it is to find a good nanny, it's hard to find a good family." I will go with you. She traveled from the Bronx to Brooklyn, getting to us by 8am, every week for over 4 years. Keita had had 2 prior nanny experiences and those references were also excellent. She's been doing this job now for nearly 26 years. We continue to use Keita as our babysitter when we need. Win-win. Our kids are SO excited to be with her. She is like a second mom to them. And she continues to be as awesome as she was when she worked for us full-time. Keita is scheduled to receive her second Covid vaccination shot Friday, 7/1. If you are interested in speaking further about Keita please do not hesitate to contact me off-line, 917-363-2154 or [email protected]
Posted by Dayna Solomon on 7/02/2021
Wilma Neptune
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx/Riverdale
Availability: Saturday Days, Saturday Nights, Sunday Days, Sunday Nights
Wilma was with our family for almost 14 years, since our daughter (J.) was 4 months old, at which point I returned back to work post maternity leave. She is very responsible, always on time, thoughtful, and diligent. Most importantly, she is a very safe, loving, gentle, supportive, and caring person. This was a crucial quality to me, as I felt her calm, patient demeanor would be beneficial to our daughter, which was true. For me the most important thing as a new mother was that J. was safe and loved, particularly as I was away at work - which is exactly what we got with Wilma. She was with J. through every stage: infant, toddlerhood, preschool, childhood and pre-teen years - and J. loves her very much. She is fully vaccinated, and is lightly supporting us now, but understandably wants to have a deeper level of engagement, so I want to help Wilma find another nice, loving family. She is happy to start caring for an infant again, or she is also happy to care for children in older stage ages - she is very flexible . We live on the UWS, but she is totally fine with other places across the city/boroughs. She is extremely safe and conscientious about COVID, masking (even though she is fully vaccinated), hand sanitizing/wash etc. She is a kind soul, and she is a very important person to us, so I am taking an active role in helping her find a family. If any of you are in need of a nanny, or know someone who might be, please feel free to contact me at the 646# or you may contact her directly at the 917#. Thank you so much.
Posted by Alison Moore on 6/30/2021
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Queens
Availability: Saturday Days, Saturday Nights, Sunday Days
It is with great privilege and gratitude that I write this post in hopes to help my wonderful nanny find a great family to work for. Yeny came to us via referral from a very trusted friend. Yeny has been the Nanny for my little boy who is 6 years old and my little girl who is 3 years old. Unfortunately, we are moving and she is not able to come. Yeny is trustworthy, punctual, responsible, warm and engaging, a natural teacher who was very instrumental in my children learning development, by reading to them teaching them colors, and teaching them letters and numbers among other things. Yeny networks well with other nannies and loves organizing fun filled activities including, walks, visits to parks, play dates, Libraries, museums, and many more. My kids love her dearly; so much that my daughter cries when Yeny leaves for the day. Yeny’s first language is Spanish and she can communicate very well in English. She taught my kids how to speak Spanish and that was a wonderful added bonus too. There is no better feeling in the world than to know you are leaving your children in good hands when you leave to work; and that is how I always feel with Yeny. Please call Yeny first to her phone number (2014564519) and if you are match with her, and feel Yeny could be a good fit for your family, please be free to shoot me a WhatsApp text or text to coordinate a call.
Posted by ALLEX STELLA LUKE on 6/29/2021
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