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Sharon Johnson
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Days, Saturday Nights, Sunday Days, Sunday Nights
Sharon is an incredibly talented nanny and was a warm presence in our house every day. She looked after our kids for almost four years (now ages 8 and 4). My kids still talk about her every day and miss her tremendously. We said goodbye to Sharon solely because my job ended and I am now a stay-at-home parent. Sharon was always on time and willing to stay late. This mattered a lot to me and my husband as we both had time consuming jobs. She made meals for the kids, kept our apartment tidy (tidier than I am able to now!), did the kid's laundry, and was so good at making playdates with other kids and suggesting activities. She genuinely cared for my children and their happiness, and they were in fantastic hands every day. I didn't have to worry about them because I knew Sharon was there. She needs a full time job and is happy to work in either Manhattan or Brooklyn.
Posted by Caroline Laumann on 10/18/2021
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn
It is with great pleasure I recommend Priya as your nanny she have cared for my son like her very own Priya have been an integral part of my family but my circumstances have changed my son is in school full time and I would like to help her find another family whom she can shared her warmth and kindness. Priya have been instrumental in helping my son become a very healthy and polite boy. Priya have shared my philosophy on parenting and has been making good decisions on behalf of my son. Priya is extremely reliable , courteous and supportive. Priya is a US citizen with a clean background CPR and First Aid trained, Fully covid vaccinated. I am very lucky to have Priya in my life and looking forward to staying in touch with her and her family. Please feel free to contact her and i welcome the chance in speaking with you thank you
Posted by Indira on 10/18/2021
Kathy Simon
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Queens
We are looking for a new home for our incredible nanny of 13+ years, Kathy Simon. Kathy is caring, responsible, hard-working, energetic, positive, and overwhelmingly full of love. She has been with our family since our son was 6 weeks old (now 13 years old), and truly guided him and our daughter (now 10) through each phase of their life with knowledge, good-judgment, experience, support, and utmost love and care. We now consider Kathy part of our family, but our needs have changed since our kids are at school and more independent, and we are hoping to help her find another family that we know will love her as much as we have. She has been a nanny in NYC for 25 years and in all the years we have known her, has never been late for work, or arrived without a smile, an embrace for our kids, and an infectious energetic, positivity. She is always ready to dive in, take initiative as a contributor to the family, and loves to keep busy and help. When our kids were newborns, she guided us to create a nurturing but structured environment for them (sleep schedules, making baby food, lots of singing and books!). We thought she was a wonderful nanny then, but as they grew, she amazed us because she was always ready with the next phase – ready to jump down on the floor with them to create art projects, build with legos, and explore a new part of Central Park or the Museum of Natural History. Almost weekly we’d learn of a new friend they met on the playground. We credit Kathy for instilling in our kids a naturally outgoing, friendly confidence. Even as they moved on to school age, Kathy initiated playdates, managed afterschool activities, maintained their closets and supplies, and cooked dinner for and with them! I’ve truly never seen her stop! She is always attentive and unbelievably patient, ready with a gentle supportive redirect to inspire good behavior. She also has anticipated our needs as parents and their needs as kids at every step of the way, but has also always done so with generosity and care. Although I would recommend Kathy for her professionalism, her loyalty, her positivity, and her big heart, my kids would also recommend her for her energy and her sense of fun. She finds the latest new experience (storytime, singalongs, new exhibit) and finds the fun in the adventure. She is ready with a new craft project, or ready to take part in the latest living room musical or dance party at any time. At the same time, we knew we always could trust her to keep our kids safe, secure, and be a role model for them of a thoughtful, polite community member. She has been a joy and a steadfast support for all of us. She has worked on the Upper West Side for the last 20+ years. She's extremely COVID safe/cautious and is fully vaccinated. She is documented and legal to work. We’d love to help her find a family where she could develop a long working relationship. Please contact me with questions and for the highest recommendation.
Posted by Becka Vargus Katz on 10/18/2021
Wilma Neptune
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx/Riverdale
Availability: Saturday Days, Saturday Nights, Sunday Days, Sunday Nights
Wilma was with our family for almost 14 years, since our daughter (J.) was 4 months old, at which point I returned back to work post maternity leave. She is very responsible, always on time, thoughtful, and diligent. Most importantly, she is a very safe, loving, gentle, supportive, and caring person. This was a crucial quality to me, as I felt her calm, patient demeanor would be beneficial to our daughter, which was true. For me the most important thing as a new mother was that J. was safe and loved, particularly as I was away at work - which is exactly what we got with Wilma. She was with J. through every stage: infant, toddlerhood, preschool, childhood and pre-teen years - and J. loves her very much. She is fully vaccinated, and is lightly supporting us now, but understandably wants to have a deeper level of engagement, so I want to help Wilma find another nice, loving family. She is happy to start caring for an infant again, or she is also happy to care for children in older stage ages - she is very flexible . We live on the UWS, but she is totally fine with other places across the city/boroughs. She is extremely safe and conscientious about COVID, masking (even though she is fully vaccinated), hand sanitizing/wash etc. She is a kind soul, and she is a very important person to us, so I am taking an active role in helping her find a family. If any of you are in need of a nanny, or know someone who might be, please feel free to contact me at the 646# or you may contact her directly at the 917#. Thank you so much.
Posted by Alison Moore on 10/16/2021
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Days, Saturday Nights
First Class Nanny who is warm, trustworthy, dependable and couldn’t be more loving with our daughter. That, combined with her background in First Aid & ADE Certified, and she’s fully vaccinated. She has always left us feeling reassured that our child was in great hands. We couldn’t have asked for a more comfortable first-time baby/nanny experience.
Posted by Dr. Uzziah Cooper on 10/14/2021
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Bronx/Riverdale, Westchester
I am writing to recommend our wonderful former nanny, Shantavia. Shantavia took care of my very spirited twins from the time they were infants into first grade and is now available to work with another lucky family. She is kind, calm, and highly reliable. She is also young and energetic enough to keep up with two very active kids! She helped our household run smoothly for years and became like a member of our extended family. My children truly love her and I cannot recommend her enough.
Posted by Sarah Truelsch on 10/11/2021
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn
Yvonne was our nanny from the time our daughter was a few months old until she was 11 and she is an absolutely wonderful nanny. She is a very responsible, caring, gentle and encouraging person. I particularly appreciated how engaged she was with our daughter when at home or on regular trips to the parks, museums and around the neighborhood. She was a dream come true for our family. I frequently received compliments from other parents about how great Yvonne was with our daughter and I always felt completely secure with leaving our daughter in Yvonne’s care. We had such a great experience with her! Yvonne also has experience with newborns, including working as a baby nurse. Happy to do reference calls.
Posted by Catherine ODwyer on 9/29/2021
Adouki Alexander
Neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn
Availability: Friday Nights, Saturday Nights, Sunday Nights
Our wonderful nanny Adouki has been with us for 2 years .pre pandemic ,we lived in Brooklyn where she started working with us .we moved out to Montauk during the pandemic and have decided to stay out East .Adouki has been extremely flexible and came out every week to work with us .she would stay during the week , and then head back for the weekend. Adouki is very friendly,an amazing rule follower ,neat,organized and cooks very well. I always felt so comfortable leaving the kids with her -sometimes she would even look after them overnight if me and my husband had to be in the city for the night. The kids are very fond of her I will miss her terribly Her duties included the following: She took care of our boys :age 7 and 3.5 Monday to Friday 8am-7pm , she was responsible for : kids laundry, cooking fresh meals for the kids almost every day, cleaning and tidying up their rooms and play area(anything else related to the kids) Taking out the trash, organizing play dates, feeding them lunch ,dinner etc, Bath time and winding them down for the day ,outdoor activities, Reading and doing artwork with them. Adouki is always up for staying extra hours and is very calm and composed We recommend her to any family and I’m sure she will be an amazing nanny. She is fully vaccinated. She is looking to start as early as October 1st Her email: [email protected] Her phone number: 718-313-2885
Posted by Esha soni on 9/21/2021
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