Must Know Nanny Hiring Topics

Mommybites has been receiving more and more questions from parents who use our nanny board about paying their nannies “on and off the books”, the legal ramifications of this, and how to go about determining the best and easiest way to pay their childcare giver. So we decided to do a little digging and seek out some more information on the top nanny compensation. Here’s what we discovered – did you know:

Nanny compensation topics you need to know

  • Paying your nanny on the books can actually save you money?
  • It’s illegal not to provide your nanny with a W-2?
  • Your nanny does NOT have to be a US citizen to pay them on the books?

If you didn’t know, you’re not alone. Many families don’t have all the answers when it comes to the ins-and-outs of hiring a nanny (because it can be downright confusing!). So, Mommybites has decided to connect parents who would like more information with a company called HomePay, better known as the “nanny tax” specialists! They’ve been around since 1992, and have worked with over 55,000 families all across the U.S.

Nanny Hiring Questions

If you have any questions about nanny compensation, nanny pay, or nanny taxes, please call for a free consultation at 888-273-3356 or email them [email protected]. HomePay can tell you about nanny payroll and taxes, give you help with budgeting, and create your nanny employment agreement. Mommybites fans receive a $50 off if you end up using their nanny services. 

We hope this helps answer some of your important questions on this topic.