Nanny Handbook

nanny-guide-adIn an ideal world, every amazing nanny would have the opportunity to meet with a job coach to help her secure an incredible new childcare position.

The Nanny Handbook is the next best thing.

We have created this invaluable informational packet with the help of a renowned nanny placement expert with over 10 years of experience. The Nanny Handbook is in PDF format, so you can simply forward it to your nanny or print it out for her. It has everything she needs to help her be successful in her job search and at her new place of employment.

The Nanny Handbook was created to help nannies not only find and secure new jobs, but also to be SUCCESSFUL in their new assignments. Included is a sample resume and contract, interview questions, dos and don’ts of interviewing, tips for salary discussions, Q & A and more! Also included is access to a pre-taped interview with a nanny placement expert. This manual is a must-have for a nanny seeking a new job she loves, and who wants to start off her new post on the right foot!