Healthy Halloween Parties

OCTOBER 22 – 25 in locations across NYC!

JOIN US for some Halloween fun with your baby or young toddler!

Enjoy a delicious brunch. Bring your baby or young toddler (costumes are welcome!). Sample and learn about new mom & kid products. Meet and schmooze with other moms. Enjoy rockin’ children’s entertainment. Go home with a fabulous gift bag!

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October 22nd  (12:00 – 1:00 pm): Tribeca – Sarabeth’s

October 23rd (9:00 – 10:30 am): Brooklyn Park Slope AM – Barrel & Fare

October 23rd (12:00 – 1:30 pm): Brooklyn Park Slope PM – Barrel & Fare

October 24th (9:00 – 10:30 am): Gramercy/Flatiron AM – Sarabeth’s

October 24th (12:00 – 1:30 pm): Gramercy/Flatiron PM – Sarabeth’s

October 25th (12:00 – 1:30 pm): UES – Tony’s DiNapoli

*Please scroll down for common questions about our parties.*

A huge THANK YOU goes out to the wonderful sponsors who will be in attendance at the luncheons showcasing cool products and services and offering some awesome raffles. Their generous commitment to this Halloween Event guarantees that 20 moms at each party will get to come for free! In addition to Mommybites, here are a few companies that will be in attendance and treating you to lunch/brunch and will be at one or all of the parties:

Musical Entertainment



Gift Bag Sponsors




Halloween Luncheons: Common Questions


Will highchairs be available?

Unfortunately not. Due to the limited amount available and not enough high chairs for all, they won’t be available at any location for any reason.

Can I come to all of the Halloween Parties?

As much as we would love to see you at all 6 parties, these are very popular events, and we must limit it to one party per mom to accommodate as many moms as possible.

Can I bring a friend?

Of course! But due to the limited space at each party, any friend/guest you invite will need to register on her own.

Can I bring my baby with me or this a Moms-only event?

Bring your baby – or not! It’s completely up to you! Many moms will have their babies/young toddlers with them, but you’re welcome to enjoy the lunch solo. Please note that we have one chair/spot per mom, so your baby will need to be on your lap, in your wearable carrier or in a car seat near the table.

Can I bring my stroller?

Yes, although due to fire regulations, strollers cannot be wheeled into the main dining room (car seats can be detached and brought in). We will have limited stroller storage available, so if it’s feasible to not bring a stroller, that would be ideal. (*Please also note that under no circumstance can strollers be wheeled into Barrel & Fare. Your stroller MUST remain outside. There is a side uncovered porch area for strollers. Please find alternate options should you think your child will be sleeping.

Can toddlers come too?

Yes – we love toddlers just as much as we love babies but since seating is one per mom the toddler must be young enough to sit on your lap or play on our toddler rug located near the table – which is why we stress this is ideal for “young” toddlers.

Is the lunch just for the moms or will the children be fed too?

Because of increasing pediatric food allergies, the lunch is just for moms. Please be sure to bring food for your baby or toddler.

I’m worried about bringing my child to a restaurant – what if he cries or I have to walk around with her?

We will have our own private area in the restaurant, so please do not worry if your baby/toddler cries, is fussy or if you need to walk around. We’re moms too – we get it! In fact, the Mommybites team LOVES to hold babies so they will gladly hold any fussy babies so you can enjoy your lunch!

We look forward to celebrating Halloween with you!