Monday, 11/14     Finding & Hiring a Nanny

  • When: Monday, November 14th 12:30 – 2:00 PM
  • Where: Prenatal Yoga Center 251 W. 72nd St 2F
  • Cost: $25 in advance, $30 at the door


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Join us for Nanny Know How! Tammy Gold from Gold Parent Coaching will explore strategies in sourcing and maintaining the best nanny for your family.The goal is to promote frank dialogue on household management. Tammy will explore issues including:

  • What a nanny does
  • How much a nanny gets paid
  • Where to source a nanny
  • Failsafe interview techniques
  • How to check references
  • What makes for a happy nanny, and much more.

After the presentation, Tammy will open the floor to your questions on working with nannies. Refreshments will be served!


Kindergarten Admissions – Get Organized!

A Four – Part Program for Parents

The amount of energy, time, and emotions during this process can be overwhelming.

Please join life coach and babybites support group director, Renee Sullivan, for a one of kind workshop that helps you maintain calmness and sanity during this process and holds your hand during one of the most stressful parts of the admission process – getting focused and staying organized! Organization and keen time management helps you stay calm during this stressful time. Children that are in calm home environment are more relaxed, perform better at school, and in new situations – letting their real selves shine through.

Did you know?

– almost all schools require essays, many with multiple questions, that differ for each school

– most parents apply to 8 – 10 schools

– each have specific admissions requirements and submission dates

– between parent tours, parent interviews, and child playdates there will be 24 – 30 visits to schools during a three month period

– Including a modest 30 minute travel time, you will miss 56 – 65 hours of work during a (3) month period for appointments to each school (not including applications, writing essays, thank you notes, and letter to the schools)

The single biggest mistake that parents make in this process is not being organized and planning ahead. 

As a mom and a parent coach who has just gone through the Kindergarten process – I share my insights, experiences, coaching tools, and research after touring thirty schools, reading fifty brochures, and reading Victoria Goldman’s book – cover to cover. There really is a school for everyone!

As a coach, I focus a lot on values – exploring and finding what is important to each of my clients. After our family knew what was important to us in the search for a school – it was more focused, organized, and even became fun! I write about my experience finding a school in New York City here


After this four week program, you will:

– Have a targeted list of 12-15 schools to explore

– Know your family values and have a clear picture of what you are looking for in a school for your child

– Be fully aware of the time, energy, and focus the process entails – from testing, to essays, to child and parent school visits.

– Have a complete organizational system for the kindergarten admissions process

– Be more calm, focused, and confident in the process

– Know where to go to quickly, effectively and easily to research schools you are interested in applying to.

– Get 10 essential tips that other kindergarten applicants are not doing that will save you time and energy.

If you are going to invest $455,000 for your child’s K – 12 education, it’s worth investing in a program that helps you find the right school for your child and keeps you sane, focused and organized.


The Four Part Workshop includes:

Session one: The choices: How to select a target list of schools. Detailed overview of the 70 private schools in New York City.

Session two: The process: Applications, essays, reference letters, erb testing, and school reports. Figuring out what is important to your family in a school; Requesting applications; Writing an essay that stands out and reflects your family, your child and your values; when to schedule testing, and choosing references.

Session three: The strategy: School Tours and interviews. Things you can do now before admissions process formally begins in September; getting organized for your tours, interviews, and playdates; How to schedule your appointments; what types of questions you can expect; how to stay positive, focused, and calm during the process.

Session four: The wait: How to survive the four – month process. How to increase your confidence, and increase your chances. Correspondence with the schools; what to do once you hear from schools; how to choose; how to deal with waiting lists; suggestions for what to do if you child does not get in.


Additional Ongoing Support

In addition to the four evening sessions, each parent will also receive:

– Two 30-minute private phone consultations during the program for specific questions regarding the process

– Handbook for the 2011 kindergarten admissions process that includes five essential spreadsheets

– The Complete Guide to Private Schools in New York City – by Victoria Goldman


Upon Registration

Parents interested in applying to this program should register below to receive their welcome kit and parent values questionnaire before the first session. You will be contacted within three days to schedule your private sessions.

*Please note: Registrations are accepted on a first come first serve basis. In an effort to keep this program as intimate as possible, registration is limited.

Note: This program guides you though this often difficult, overwhelming and stressful process, but participation in this program does not guarantee that your child will be accepted to your applied school(s). 

About the program:

Renee Sullivan, parent coach to moms in New York City and Director and founder of babybites support groups, works with parents to create their own personal parenting plan that is right for them. As a certified life coach, and drawing from her experience as an educator, she guides moms through the never – ending array of decisions that come with having a child. Her “personal attention to detail” allows all parents that work with her to quickly get the resources they need to feel “at ease” and make informed and educated decisions. Weekly sessions that are “nurturing, informative, and fun” and her “calm-laid back personality” has made her a “dynamic resource” to the parenting community since 2006. She lives in New York City with her husband, and very happy Kindergartener after going through the private school admissions process successfully in 2010.

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