Top 5 Best Companies for Working Moms in NYC

Whether you’re a working momma looking to make a change, or you’re a SAHM thinking of returning to work, maneuvering the career boards can be daunting. Like close-the-job-boards-tab-and-do-some-Pinterest-instead, kind of daunting. It’s stressful enough trying to find the perfect career choice, but when you add a family to the mix, stress levels can grow monumentally. […]

The “Mother” of All Invention

It’s mothers who invent. Imagine you’ve got a new baby or your child has an issue and you’ve got a problem that needs solving. You look for the right product or service and it doesn’t exist. What do you do? Many women have an ah-ha moment and say that if that doesn’t exist, I’m going to create it.

The Myth About Having It All

Chances are, you’ve heard it throughout your life. “You can have it all.” “Women can do it all.” “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan…” And the thing about this myth, is that we want it to be true. We know we’re smart enough to have it all, we know […]

When Does Moving Make Sense?

Debating a move from the city to the suburbs? Here’s why we like the preschool years! You’ve debated it over and over, from the minute you found out you were pregnant until now. Should you move to the ‘burbs? You’ve heard every side of the argument, from the gym buddy who vowed never to go […]