The City Mom’s Stroller Must-Haves

For the city mom, the stroller is everything: your minivan, your shopping cart, your portable nap station, your changing table, you name it. It is the single most important piece of baby gear you purchase, but choosing the right one is just the beginning. Just like you accessorize an outfit, it is key to do the same with your ride. Here are my city mom stroller must-haves – all tested by this city mom of two.

1. The Perfect Diaper Bag

You rarely find a stroller without its most important element: the diaper bag. There are loads of options out there, but before purchasing one, it’s important to consider some requirements. Research a) versatility/style, b) price, c) space to hold everything, both personal and for baby, and d) durability before you decide on the right one because anywhere baby goes, it surely goes too.

2. Stroller Organizer

One other great option if you want to leave the bulky diaper bag at home for a quick trip is a stroller organizer. They can hold a cup or bottle for baby, your coffee, money, keys, phone and has Velcro straps so it adapts to any stroller.

3. Changing Pad/Travel Wipes Case

You have to be ready for accidents, explosive diapers and unexpected messes at a moment’s notice. A changing pad is great for those changes in tiny restaurant bathrooms. It holds all the essentials (pad, wipes case, diaper pocket) and provides a clean place for baby to be changed. Any NYC mom knows, sometimes your only option is to lay your baby on the bathroom floor (UGH!) so this makes that experience a little less traumatizing.

4. Stroller Clips

You really can’t hang a diaper bag securely off of a stroller without these. They are great open hooks that you can easily hang a shopping bag off or the built-in clips of your diaper bag. They adapt to any stroller and can hold a ton of weight.

5. Snack Tray/Cup Holder

Watching my 14-month old daughter trying to eat Cheerios in her stroller is like watching a bride and groom get showered with rice. Any loose snack cup, even the ones with the traps on top to avoid spilling just don’t cut it. I am stopping on every corner cleaning her off and she maybe consumes only a quarter of them. I love the snack trays that snap on. Both kids, at one and three, love keeping their cup and snack in it. It’s like their own little tray table on the airplane. The cover slides to avoid snack spills and the whole tray is moveable for when it is not in use.

6. Oversized Hook

Since a stroll usually involves a shopping trip for the city mom, having a heavy-duty hook to hang your shopping bags from is essential.

7. Clip-on Stroller Fan

In the summer, a stroller fan is a great, inexpensive accessory to keep baby (or toddler) cool. Just add batteries and clip it to the awning and baby is happy.

8. Insulated Bottle/Lunch Tote

Any veteran mom knows you are CRAZY to venture out without an arsenal of snacks and drinks. One of the most common stroller add-ons you see adorning the city streets is a bottle/lunch tote. These are great for bringing snacks, bottles, and cups on the go. A cute spin? Get it monogrammed with baby’s name.

9. Foot Muff

In the winter, a foot muff is a great way to keep baby warm on the go. A good foot muff should attach easily and securely to your stroller and act as a warm sleeping bag of sorts.

10. An Older Sibling(s) Option

If you have stroller that cannot add an additional seat when Baby #2 comes along, or if your older child prefers to stand over sitting, a wheeled or “boogie board” is a worthwhile investment. The older my son became, the more he loved it. He was riding on it safely at 26 months old. One downside is it can be difficult to walk directly behind, as your feet might hit the board, but this is a small price to pay. It is great when you want something lighter than a double stroller and it is like an adventure for your toddler.

Happy Strolling!

Lauren Deneroff is an organizational expert and the founder of mama{love}, a boutique maternity consulting and baby planning firm. mama{love} provides expectant and new moms a wide range of services for support from bump to baby and beyond, serving clients across the New York metropolitan area.

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