Why Post on the Mommybites Nanny Board

Why moms and dads love our Nanny Boards

  • First, a little background about Mommybites. Established in 2006, Mommybites is not a nanny agency – we are an educational community for moms that offers free online parenting classes, events, support and resources for parents.
  • Our Nanny Board was created 8 years ago as an “add-on” to all the education we offer, at the request of moms in our community. Over the past 8 years, we have connected hundreds of nannies with families looking for full- and part-time nannies!
  • To our knowledge, our nanny board is one of the only nanny boards in the country on which the only people allowed to post are employers (moms and dads). Nannies are NOT allowed to post themselves.
  • Parents who post their nannies on our board feel so strongly about their nannies and so want to help them get a new job, that they list their own contact information in order to act as a reference.
  • Employers also have the ability to write a short paragraph about how awesome their nanny is. You can see some examples here.
  • To further help establish this board as a place where only parents (not the caregivers themselves) can post, and to keep the board from becoming over-saturated, we established an $85 fee to post a nanny on our site. To learn more and learn how to post, please click here.



**Please note, Mommybites does not recommend, endorse, pre-screen, interview, or approve any of the families looking to hire nannies or any information related thereto, which appear on the website, and make no warranties and/or representations as to the quality, safety, truth, or accuracy of the listings and information which appear on this website The Mommybites website is meant only as an information source. Mommybites is not involved in any of screening families looking for child care or transactions related to the hiring of babysitters or care providers. It is highly recommended that both the families looking for child care and the nannies themselves thoroughly interview and screen all people they are interviewing for and with.