Scherrie Doaldson is the editor-in-chief of Thirtymommy – a resource for women…especially parents who want to balance family life with their busy demanding lives in the city. The city is home to many family friendly businesses as well as one of a kind events for all walks of life.


Nilsa Karimi is a wife and mom who loves to find the latest buzz in DIY crafts, fashion and beauty for for parents, teens and kids. She searches for her favorite gadgets, food recipes, kid friendly drinks and cocktails for Mommy nights in. 3citygirls is about life as a Mom, living in New York City.

Nicole Alexandra’s blog is Food Beauty Love. Her passion is to help people look, feel and BE fabulous on the inside and out. Join her on her journey to shine bright, to advocate for real food, and attract a life of abundance & happiness.

Lainie Gutterman is a former publicist who began blogging while pregnant with her son Ian. Those who know Lainie describe her as “a natural born publicist who is constantly spreading the word about new products, activities and events.”  Me Myself & Baby I covers family and life’s must-haves. There is now a very strong emphasis on fashion with the “What Will Greenlee Wear?” category.  Lainie and her family lives in New York City, where we sacrifice living space (but not style) to be in the center of it all in “the city that never sleeps.”