Keynote Speaker:  Andrew Mellen

Author of Unstuff Your Life

Everyone loves stuff, right? From the latest gadget to the kids’ old artwork, we’ve got so much stuff that our bags, closets, garages and storage units are bursting with it. And yet, we share stories about not having enough time for our families, our friends and our passions. Best-selling author Andrew Mellen wants to help you change that. Come learn how to unstuff your life with a few simple tools so you can get back to living a happier, more joyful and truly abundant life every day—where there is enough time for what’s important.

Experts Raffle Table

As if it couldn’t get any better… we’ll be raffling off one-hour phone services (and more!) with some of our regular Mommybites experts. Check out who you could win expert advice from:

Dana Rosenboom

Win a Focused Parenting Power Hour

Get focused! Learn to support your child’s development and use effective techniques for basic parenting obstacles. Perfect for parents with questions about sleep, potty training, separation, tantrums, developmental check-ins, etc. I will make myself available via Skype, Google+ or phone.

Dana Rosenbloom has a master’s degree in Infant and Parent Development and Early Intervention and has been working with children and families for over 10 years. Dana’s Kids provides parent education, play and behavior therapy, special education services, parent workshops andsupport groups, and professional development. To learn more about Dana and Dana’s Kids please visit www.DanasKids.com.  You can also follow Dana on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DanasKids1 and Twitter: DJRkids

Jill Starishevsky

Win a Presentation for your PTA – How to Recognize & Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

This presentation will provide participants with 10
tips to keep children safe from sexual abuse. It will address the 3 big truths about child sexual abuse, discuss the cycle of silence and how to equip children as young as 3-years-old with the language and skills necessary to protect them from sexual predators. Participants will leave with an understanding of what to do and what not to do when a child discloses sexual abuse.

Jill Starishevsky has been an Assistant District Attorney in New York City since 1997, where she has prosecuted thousands of sex offenders and dedicated her career to seeking justice for victims of child abuse and sex crimes. Jill is also the author of My Body Belongs to Me, the co-founder of The Innocence Revolution and has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She is a prevention specialist who, through media appearances and public speaking events, teaches how to recognize and prevent child sexual abuse.

Debbie Pincus

How to Stay Calm When Your Kids are Not: Win a one-hour phone consultation that will help you to stop losing it and turn your relationships into positive ones.

Do you wish you could get better at being cool, calm and collected with your kids when they push your buttons?  Debbie Pincus, author of Calm Parent and parent and relationship coach, will help you learn how to stay calm when the going gets rough.  How we act when our blood boils is the key to great parenting. In this 1 hour phone consultation Debbie will help you to turn around your thinking as well as your relationships!

Debbie Pincus is a family systems therapist and a certified Screamfree parent and marriage coach practicing for 25 + years in offices in Manhattan and Westchester. Ms. Pincus is the author of numerous books for young people on ‘getting along with others’ as well as the author of the book and CD series, Calm Parent AM & PM and Calm In The Workday.  She writes monthly online parenting articles for the Empowering Parent website.

Jumping Jax Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapy

Win a one hour in home presentation for you and your mommy friends

The presentation will focus on play based activities that will help to maximize fine, gross and sensory motor development in children during the first two years of life. During the presentation, we will review typical development and our favorite toys and activities.

Jumping Jax is a private practice located on the upper west side that offers Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapy services for children from birth through 18 years of age. We provide direct therapy, evaluations, consultations, school observations, parent/teacher education and workshops. Karinna and Amanda co-founded Jumping Jax in 2010 after over twenty years of combined working experience in schools, clinics, and hospitals.

Marsha Greenberg

Win an ‘Everything Toddler’ session with Marsha Greenberg

Now you know why it’s called The Terrible Twos (& threes and fours)!  The winner of this raffle will have a phone session with  expert and author of Raising Your Toddler, Marsha Greenberg, for a one hour consultation to discuss anything and everything toddler such as potty training, tantrums, eating issues, separation anxiety, language and early learning, discipline & more!

Marsha Greenberg has Masters degrees in Child and Family Development and Social Work from the University of Michigan. Marsha teaches in the Early Childhood Special Education department at NYU and has a private psychotherapy practice in NYC.

Dina Rose

How to Deal with a Picky Eater: Win an hour phone consultation with food sociologist, Dr. Dina Rose to discuss ways to help your picky eater.

Learn how to use taste, texture and appearance to expand vegetable consumption; how to avoid the common ways parents inadvertently teach bad eating habits; alternatives to bribing and begging children to eat their meals and solutions to your family’s individual questions and concerns.

Dina Rose, PhD is a sociologist, parent educator and feeding specialist. Her work has been featured on websites such as The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Babble.com, ZisBoomBah.com, Work It Mom.com, and Great Parenting Practices.com. Dina has appeared on Martha Stewart Radio, Good Parenting Radio, Baby and Toddler Instructions Radio, WFSB Better Connecticut, NBC Connecticut News Today, and in Treasure Coast Parenting, New Jersey Family Magazine, The Globe and Mail and The Hoboken Reporter.