Expectant and New Moms Support Groups in New York City

~ Babybites Moms Groups ~   Fall 2014 Schedule!

Welcome Moms and Expectant Moms!

Congratulations on becoming a parent (or soon to be!) In our signature moms groups, each week you’ll share experiences, engage in parenting discussions, gather valuable resources, and ask parenting questions to make this special time smoother, saner, easier and more enjoyable!

After these warm, informative, and friendly sessions, you’ll be fully connected to a great group of other moms and have essential parenting resources for being a mom. They say it takes a village to raise a child…..you bring the baby, we’ll bring the village.

Babybites’ support groups are led by Renee Sullivan, parent and lifestyle coach, fellow mom and founder of the support group program.  She is joined by Kerry Epstein, therapist and fellow mom. They both guide you to embrace your role as a mom with more confidence, compassion and humor and have some fun along the way.

The Moms Groups are excited to begin our sixth year serving and connecting hundreds of moms to meet up in the NYC mom community, and look forward to seeing you soon!

Our September sessions are closing soon, see below:

Would you like to join us for our October 2014 sessions?

Email renee@babybites.com or call 917-578-3733 with your neighborhood and how old your baby is – see you soon!


Expectant Mom Classes

Downtown / Brooklyn Expectant Moms – Sept / Oct sessions

Uptown Expectant Moms Group – Sept / Oct sessions 


New Mom Classes

Upper West (40s-80s) New Moms  – Sept / Oct sessions

Upper West (70s-100s) New Moms  – Sept / Oct sessions

Upper East Moms (40s-70s) – Sept / Oct sessions

Upper East Moms (70s-90s) – Sept / Oct sessions

Chelsea Moms (30′s and below) – Sept / Oct sessions

Union Square / Murray Hill / Gramercy Moms  – Sept / Oct sessions

Brooklyn Heights New Moms  – Sept / Oct session

Carroll Gardens / Cobble Hill New Moms – Sept / Oct session


Moms of Older Babies Playgroup

Eastside Moms of babies 3 – 8 months – Sept / Oct session

Downtown Moms of babies 3 – 8 months – Sept / Oct session


Wishing everyone a great start to Fall!


                                                                Renee Sullivan parent coach


Renee Sullivan

Founder of babybites moms groups




What our moms are saying:

“Thank you for a wonderful six weeks! This list is terrific – it is so helpful to have all of this valuable information in one place.  I am so happy to have had you by my side throughout pregnancy and now through the exciting older baby phase! Your warmth, compassion, and knowledge of all things baby has been so helpful to us.  I look forward to seeing you soon!” – Amanda


“I know I already said it, but it was such a blessing to have found you! I made some wonderful friends and felt so supported these last 12 weeks.  You do an amazing job.  Thank you! Hugs, and see you in May, God willing” – Rachel


“I just wanted to thank you for the extraordinarily helpful information I received in the Expectant Moms class. I will certainly look into future classes with you and hope to sign up for something soon. I truly think you are a wealth of baby and mama knowledge!” – Maria


“Becoming a new mom was the most exhilarating, exhausting, and intense journey I’d ever experienced. What I found I needed most was a sense of community, which is what this group offers. Meeting up, learning from, and laughing with other new mothers helps turn an uncertain and potentially scary time into a shared adventure. Renee makes everyone comfortable, and is a reassuring and knowledgeable guide for new moms” – Ellie, mom to Ben


I wanted to tell you what a terrific experience the past six weeks has been – it really has made a tremendous difference in my experience of pregnancy – it was just amazing to be in a group with other expectant moms and feel like part of a community. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! Thank you for making these opportunities possible!” – Terri


“After recently moving to New York and pregnant with my first, I was anxious to meet other pregnant women and recent moms.  I had a great experience and found a wonderful place to meet amazing people that were going through all the same pregnancy issues as I was. Renee is a wonderful and dynamic resource, facilitating our meetings to be nurturing, informative, and a lot of fun!” – Maria



















The information on the website and information presented in associated live events is not intended to replace medical advice. Individuals should consult with their own providers to ensure that all parenting practices are suitable for their own family.