Benefits Of A Doula

I was recently at a small social gathering where I was introduced to some new people. As is common practice, most people talked about work and what they did for a living. Several of my friends’ husbands are lawyers, so we had a lot of those and other professionals. My husband, a social worker, and […]

Mantras for Labor

Sometimes in class when I announce we are going to work on mantras as a pain management tool, I get some eye rolling, as if I am asking the students to start bowing down to Buddha. While mantras in their true sense are from the Vedic Hinduism period and chanted in sanskrit, the mantras we […]

The Natural C-Section

“The Natural Cesarean” is a current trend being widely discussed. At first it may sound a little barbaric – natural surgery? But fortunately that is not what is meant with this shift in a surgical birth. Often, surgery consists of a cold, sterile, unfriendly environment, out of keeping with the warm, embracing, loving visions that […]

10 Helpful Hints for Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum

Please enjoy this list of 10 healthful hints for pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Much of this information is gathered from friends, students, hands-on experience, mentors and teachers. I strongly believe in learning from others, so please feel free to pass this along to all your friends! Olive oil on baby’s bottom prevents the meconium from […]