Healing After Vaginal Birth

How long does it take my body to heal after a vaginal birth?

healing after a vaginal birth, new born baby, new mom


After nine months of pregnancy during which you experienced body changes – including weight gain, hormonal changes, breast enlargement and others – you finally deliver your baby vaginally and, despite being overjoyed with the presence of your beautiful newborn, you will discover your body has undergone even more changes. Healing after vaginal birth takes a while to recover and feel like yourself before pregnancy. If there were any complications during your pregnancy or delivery the recovery time is even longer.

The following discussion about recovering from a vaginal delivery is an approximate guideline for mothers who have had uncomplicated normal spontaneous vaginal deliveries. When you deliver vaginally it usually takes about 7 to 10 days to recover your energy and feel you able to feel like you can do activities of daily living.

Physical Changes to my body after giving birth

However your body has changed both outwardly and inwardly. Initially you will lose weight right after the delivery, which includes the baby weight, placenta, blood and amniotic fluid, which adds up to 10 to 12 pound loss. During the days following your delivery you will also lose the extra water you retained during pregnancy because you will urinate a lot. You will lose up to 5 or 6 pounds of water weight depending upon how much water you retained. Following that weight loss you will often lose weight if you are breast-feeding, which helps with weight loss from pregnancy.

For many mothers, losing the weight gained during pregnancy can be a struggle. If so, you should consult your physician for help, who may refer you to a nutritionist and advise an exercise program.

Another change during pregnancy was your uterus, which stretches during pregnancy to around 15 times its pre-pregnancy size. Immediately following delivery your uterus will contract causing the placenta to deliver. Once the placenta delivers your uterus will contract even more to stop bleeding and will begin to retract and become smaller – also known as envolution of the uterus. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy size.

Your cervix also stretches during pregnancy so when you deliver it’s soft and has little elasticity, which is called tone. It takes about 1 week for the cervix to return to its normal size but 4 to 6 weeks to heal completely from labor and delivery.

During labor and delivery your vagina is stretched and injured so it is swollen and has lost its elasticity. It takes 4 to 6 weeks for the swelling to go down and the elasticity to return to your vagina. Doing Kegel exercises can help your vagina recover that elasticity. This will help when you start having sex again. However your vagina will probably be larger even after you recover from your delivery than it was pre-pregnancy.

Your perineum is also stretched during labor and delivery and can be injured during the delivery. It will be swollen and tender for at least 2 weeks and will take at least 6 weeks to completely heal.

Healing After Vaginal Birth, mom tips, new mom , new born baby

Hormonal changes after labor and delivery

In addition to these changes, your body will undergo hormonal changes secondary to labor and delivery. Levels of Estrogen, Progesterone and other hormones decrease significantly. These changes – combined with the excitement and stress of caring for a newborn and the sleep deprivation that accompanies – can precipitate mood changes.

Many new mothers can feel emotional and depressed following delivery anywhere from several days to several weeks. If you are depressed longer than this you could be experiencing postpartum depression, in which case you should seek help and support from your physician who can refer you to a professional specializing in postpartum depression.

Other changes after delivering my baby

Other changes, such as skin changes, often caused by hormonal fluxes during your pregnancy, will often clear up post-delivery or you may have not had any skin changes during pregnancy and may have some post-pregnancy, such as acne.

You also will have stretch marks, which become lighter but do not disappear completely. There are many creams you can get for these marks.

Finally, you may have experienced hair loss during your pregnancy. Following delivery it will take up to a year before your normal hair growth returns.

All in all, pregnancy, having a baby and caring for your baby takes its toll on your body. It takes time to return to your pre-pregnancy body. It’s important to take time for yourself after your delivery. It’s very easy to focus on your newborn that is most precious and wonderful and not take care of your own needs. However, you need to be good to yourself with exercise, massage, manicures, pedicures, nutrition, etc. The better and healthier you feel, the better you will be as a parent and partner.

There are many resources you can reach out to such as the Mommybites new mother support groups, coaching with a professional coach, personal trainers, therapy, etc. if you feel you need help and support.

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Expert: Dr. Gina Lamb – Amato MD

Expect Dr. Gina Lamb- Amato, developmental pediatrician, child birthGina is a general pediatrician and developmental pediatrician who works at Village Pediatrics and Agho Medical practices both in Manhattan, NY. She has a masters in child therapy and works with a child psychologist Rosa Vasquez PhD performing office and home consultation for newborns and parents, office and home developmental assessments, school consultations and parent child playgroups where play and art along with baby massage and other techniques are used to help parents bond and support their child’s development. Formerly, Gina was the Director of Pediatric Special Medical Needs before she went into private practice where she cared for medically fragile infants and children. She is also a Early Intervention Pediatrician for Early Intervention which assesses and treats infants from age zero to 3 years. She has extensive experience in Early Head Start programs which work with infants from prenatal to 3 years of age. She is the mother of a beautiful daughter who is 3 years old and the joy of my life. Her husband is an artist, producer and owns Synchronicity Space, a non-profit arts organization that supports emerging artist in fine art and theatre. Finally, she is also an artist who paints mainly babies and children.

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  1. The pubococcygeus muscle, or PC muscle can help tighten the vagina and to enjoy sex better. it is one
    of the pelvic floor muscles that support the bowel
    and bladder in both sexes. In women, it also
    supports the uterus and vagina. A weak PC muscle
    can cause urinary and fecal incontinence and sexual
    problems, such as loss of sensation in the vagina.
    Obesity, chronic constipation and lower estrogen
    levels, from menopause, can weaken the muscles.
    Pregnancy and childbirth can also cause weakness.
    Kegel exercises are the best way to strengthen the
    PC muscle.
    Empty your bladder and bowels. Kegel exercises
    can cause pressure in the pelvic area, which may
    cause discomfort or an accident if your bladder and
    bowels are full.

    step 2
    Sit or lie in a comfortable position and insert your
    finger into your vagina. Tighten your vagina around
    your finger to engage the PC muscle. You should
    also feel the muscles lift as you squeeze.
    Relax your muscles and let them drop back into
    place. Remove your finger.

    step 3
    Concentrate on squeezing the muscles without your
    finger in place. You should feel the same lift and
    tightening of the walls of the vagina. Breathe
    normally and avoid tightening your abs or anal
    Hold for three seconds and release. Repeat the
    exercise 10 times.
    Perform Kegel exercises three times a day. As you
    become stronger, hold for up to 10 seconds.

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  5. I chose to abstain from sex for two years after my wife gave birth, as I was expecting her pussy to heal and become tight. Unlucky when I tried it felt so deep and big. Could she have been sleeping with another man with big and long dick.

  6. Recover your vagina after delivery with myotaut serum This seems to work well, my husband has noticed a difference when i use it versus not using it. I did not have any issues with not being tight or having any smells but from what I have always been told, the tighter the better so I figured I would give it a go. I myself do feel a difference ass well. If you think about it it does make sense for me to have more pleasure when using it.

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  8. I have been using Myotaut serum for about a week now and I didn’t tell my hubby because I wanted to see if he could tell or his reaction and he could definitely tell. Like a virgin! I’ve been using the recommended amount like the bottle says and it works well. There’s a pleasant smell and it hasn’t made me dry or anything. With it being all natural ingredients there’s no reason not to try it! Will be buying more in the near further!

    1. This is an extremely inappropriate place for you to advertise “Elizabeth”. “Like a virgin!”?! You should absolutely be ashamed of yourself and find a job that contributes to society, aka, not advertising your product on a website intended to help people.

  9. I have two babies 10 months apart…and a 7year old. With my first and second i healed very quickly vaginally and as far as the rest of my body. I started having sex shortly after obvously with my second right after i healed. Yes a month…be cautous ladies, as i was not aware even while breastfeeding during postpartumn healing you are actually the most fertile!!!! Anyways my point being and concern is this. I did things obvously too soon, and having both so close together and with all that accompanies a new infant and busy mom scheduel…this last and my 3rd im running into problems and concerns. Week 2 and break through bleeding, swelling, cramping and severe aches n pains. My body seems to be fighting against me in all areas…including my immune system! Im afraid that maybe there is a concern of somesort that went unnoticed post delivery…or is it just me not realizing i just popped 2 out under a year?

  10. I have two children, have been married five years and i heard about myotaut serum and i am using that serum for 1months. and I feel that serum does the best on vagina tightening. My hubby did seem to enjoy it as well. If u have $100 to spend this is worth it.

  11. Ok, so I just delivered a 7.7 baby August the second and I was playing around with my husband and some touching happened I stopped bleeding 3 days ago, he was rubbing on my vagina but we didn’t do anything. I just got turned on completely. But for some reason I’m hurting and bleeding all over again, am I ok? Or should I go to the ER?

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  13. I agree we are all very different in our recovery time. I have 3 sons; Mr.S, Mr.F, and Mr.T. Mr.S will be 4yrs in May, Mr.F just turned 2yrs in February, and Mr.T will be 6mths on March 30th. All born vaginally. I’m vagina has not grown in size but it might have something to do with me being a kegel fanatic. Lol! I have stretch marks, but not a great deal and all my post birth experiences have been a little different with regard to recovery.
    After my first born (he was in NICU for the first 7 days of life) I experienced postpartum depression pretty bad but my body healed quite fast. After my second it seemed to take me forever to heal be I think part of that was because he was a night owl and suffer from a very sensitive tummy. My third was a very fast recovery (back in the sack at 2weeks postpartum). I struggled emotionally a little bit at first but he was also in NICU for the first 8 days.
    I never make it to my due dates; #1 & #2 were born at 39weeks and #3 was born at 37weeks. I also have very fast deliveries; #1-4 pushes during one contraction, #2-3 pushes during one contraction, #3- 1 big push during one contraction.
    I love all my boys and would love more babies to come, if there were any advice I could give to a new mommy it would be to sleep whenever your lil one does and spend as much time with them as you can! ❤

  14. All women aren’t the same, and we do experience things differently. I am a mother of 2, and I have no stretch marks. Also, my vagina is the same after giving birth vaginally twice; it is not larger… and it took me 3 months to lose all baby weight.

    I’m just saying. We’re not all the same.

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