Our Team

Meet the members of the Mommybites team:

Rebecca Dixon
, General Manager

Rebecca Dixon is the General Manager of Mommybites, responsible for securing experts for classes, collaborations with brands, strategic planning and business development. Prior to Mommybites, Rebecca co-founded BE Designs, a fashion design and marketing company. Rebecca also worked in media advertising at CBS Television, Turner Broadcasting and Carat USA for 8 years following her graduation from Vanderbilt University. Rebecca lives with her husband, their daughters, Eva and Lily Anise, and their son Major in Greenwich Village. She is also the co-chair of the Brooklyn affiliate of Horizons, an educational enrichment program serving low-income public school students.


Jennifer Rojas,  Editor & Operations Director

Jennifer Rojas is responsible for conducting our day-to-day business operations; coordinating, facilitating and marketing our online classes; and managing our team of bloggers and blog content to ensure that the Mommybites blog is an important and consistently relevant parenting advice resource. She also manages daily web site updates in order to keep our content fresh and pertinent for our community, manages email marketing, curates social media, and manages client and customer relationships. Jennifer graduated from George Mason University’s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR) with an M.S. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. As well as being a conflict resolution and diversity educator, she honed her operational skills during her 10+ years of managing a global eLearning program. She has since escaped the corporate cubicle and currently resides in Tel Aviv with her archaeologist husband, where she enjoys being close to the sea and getting back into life’s natural rhythms.


Laura Deutsch, Mommybites Co-Founder

Laura Deutsch is the co-founder of Mommybites and the original founder and creator of Babybites. Since first starting Babybites in 2006 by handing out post cards to fellow moms on the streets of Manhattan, Laura has continued to use her business savvy, dedication and creativity to cultivate and grow Mommybites both nationally and in its flagship city of Manhattan. Prior to founding Mommybites, Laura worked as a middle school math teacher at The Dwight School in Manhattan. Laura holds her BA from Binghamton University and her MA in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College. She currently resides in Summit, NJ with her husband, Brian, daughter, Ava, and son, Jacob.


Heather Ouida, Mommybites Co-Founder

Heather Ouida co-founded Mommybites with business partner Laura Deutsch. She is responsible for managing, growing and overseeing Mommybites (previously known as Babybites and Kiddybites) nationally, as well their flagship city of Manhattan. Heather’s favorite parts of her job include writing her blog, which varies between sappy, educational and downright snarky, interviewing parenting experts for Mommybites’ regular free online parenting class series and writing her regular parenting column for NY Family Magazine. Prior to co-founding Mommybites, Heather was a learning specialist where she taught in London for many years as well as at The Dalton School in Manhattan. Heather holds a BA in psychology from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, an MA in child development form Tufts University and acquired her learning specialist degree form York University in England. Heather currently resides in Manhattan with her husband, two boys, two fish and pet turtle. Heather’s hobbies include, hot yoga, Nutella eating, writing, Bravo watching and reading and sharing immature jokes with girl friends. To learn more about Heather’s mission to support fellow moms in non-judgmental ways please click here.