Our Team

Meet the Mommybites team!

Mommybites was founded in 2006. Now owned by New York Family Media, the number one parenting resource for New York families, we pride ourselves in being an invaluable resource for parents. In addition to expert articles, webinars and blogs, Mommybites works hard on sharing resources for all moms and families in the New York area, including our most popular feature—our mom-generated nanny board.


Cris Pearlstein, Content Director 

Native New Yorker, former Fashion Market Director of Redbook magazine, and freelance fashion editor + stylist for Seventeen, Real Simple, Women’s Day, and People, Cris Pearlstein now spends her time as a freelance writer and editor. She serves as Editor-at-Large at New York Family magazine, Content Director for MommyBites.com, and freelances for various outlets across many topics. Her essays, feature stories, and profiles focus on motherhood, infertility, identity, family, and more, and can be found in places like Byrdie, Babe by Hatch, New York Family, Real Simple, and Better Homes & Gardens, just to name a few. Her newsletter Hi, It’s Your Older Sister, is filled with advice, wisdom, opinions and anything else she can think of while in the shower, but mostly she just uses it as an excuse to tell people what to do. She loves her 4-year-old daughter, her mini dachshund, crossword puzzles, and her husband, in that order. Oh and she loves pizza. Like, really loves pizza.


Donna Duarte Ladd, Executive Director, Content Strategy of New York Family Media

Donna Duarte-Ladd is a California native, long-time Brooklyn resident, and the Executive Director of Content Strategy for New York Family Media. She lives with her family in Brooklyn and Upstate New York, where you can find her on weekends running – literally running – after her two boys.


Lauren Alperin , Managing Director of Integrated Sales

Lauren brings to the group an all-encompassing Manhattan Mom know-how and more years than she cares to admit, of cross-platform media sales and marketing experience. Prior to joining Mommybites, and NYMetroParents, Lauren was VP of Sales Development at Morris Communications, where she sold digital and print, event and sponsorship programs to small and larger multi-million dollar partners. Lauren loves seeing life in NYC and beyond thru the eyes of her young son. In her free time she enjoys building with Magna Tiles, creating art masterpieces with a glue stick, tape, poster board and any messy supplies, making play dough and chasing her son in the park.