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Interview with Deborah Skolnik, Editorial Director of NYMetroParents

I love being a parenting editor! I spent 14 years at other parenting publications before becoming editorial director of NYMetroParents.

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10 Hardest Things About Being a New Mom

Being a new mom is an amazing experience, but the adjustment can also be very difficult. From the sleepless nights to wondering when you are going to look and feel like your old self again it can all be very confusing.

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Expecting a New Baby? Expect New Tax Deductions, Too!

Taxes may not be the first thing on your mind as an expectant parent, but they shouldn’t be last, either. Your family situation is about to change, and that means your tax situation likely will change, too.

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Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Readers Reflect and Commentate - Our Children Were Going To Be Mixed...

As we crawled closer to a commitment, I began to envision the better world our children would live in. And one thing I was sure about: Our children were going to be mixed. No child of mine was ever going to describe herself as "Black, with a white parent" — a phrase that I associated with the double whammy of being ignored or abandoned by your white family and labeled by an America that believes in the "one drop rule" and has enslaved, subjugated, and oppressed people accordingly.

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Should I Help My Easily-Frustrated Child?

This question is a tough one. When a 2, 3, or 4 year old is struggling, our instinct is to jump in and help. Your kids are sad, and they’re tantruming, they’re crying. It can be heart-wrenching. We should help, right? What’s the big deal?