Casting Calls

Looking for child talent? Need moms or families for your production? You’ve come to the right place – a community of fun and diverse families who love to get involved.

Need some people? Send the details to [email protected].

There is no charge to post for casting calls. Simply send the details about who you need to make your production amazing!

Casting Calls

Family for Game Show

Al Final Todo Queda en Familia is a new game show for the whole family! We are looking for fun, loud, entertaining families who would like to have a good time and win prizes on TV! Two families will be competing against each other while completing different challenges. Given that this is for a hispanic network, family members need to speek Spanish. The families need to be made up of one kid (6 to 10 years), two adults (30 to 45 years) and one elder (55 to 75 years).

If you’re interested, send us an email to [email protected]. For more details visit


Kids 4-13 for Reality Talent Show

Pequeños Gigantes is a reality talent show where teams of talented children compete against each other to win a cash prize. Each team comprises one kid from each of out three categories: extraordinary talent (actors, circus acts, models, etc), singers, and dancers. This team is lead by a celebrity captain.

We are now looking for kids between the ages of 4 and 13 that can dance, sing or have an extraordinary talent. They need to be able to communicate in Spanish. The show is a coproduction between Univision and Televisa and will be shot in Mexico.

Casting details/locations:
New York – December 16 – Hotel Sheraton Times Square – 811 7th AVE, New York, NY, 10019. CALL 8:00 am.
Puerto Rico – January 13 – Hotel Sheraton San Juan. 200 Convention Blvd, San Juan, PR 000907. CALL 8:00 am.
Miami – January 20 – Univision 23 9405 NW 41 ST, Doral, FL 33178. CALL 8:00 am.

Email: [email protected]


Casting for Room Makeovers

Hey Parents! Do your kids’ bedrooms need a serious makeover? Do our kids share a room? Do they really need their own rooms? Could you use some professional design/build services and a healthy dose of “TV Magic” to make that happen? An awesome new renovation series wants to treat your kids to the room transformations of their dreams. If you own your own home, live in the NY Metro area, and are a family with two or more kids between the ages of 8-13, with potential space to expand, we want to hear from your family!

Email us at [email protected], telling us about your kids’ crowded bedroom situation. Please include photos of your family, the ages of your kids and contact info. Also include photos of your kids’ current shared bedroom and the room your could transform into an additional bedroom.


Brides and Bridesmaids for Video Series

We are casting a very special web series for Bustle, a new force in media by women, for women, delivering everything you want to know, see, and read right now. This compensated opportunity will feature brides and their bridesmaids who need help in finding a non-traditional wedding day bridesmaid look. The series will provide a platform where they can tell their amazing story of friendship, while helping bridesmaids feel special with a custom-created outfit. Click HERE for more information and submit to [email protected]


Single Women Who Want a Baby

Is your biological clock ticking? Are you considering becoming a single mother by choice? A NYC production company and major cable network are now casting single women who are interested in having a baby on their own. For more information or to be considered, email [email protected] along with your name, age, occupation, location, phone number, recent photo and a few sentences about why you are ready to start your family at this time in your life.


Construction Experts

NYC production company and major cable network are now casting commercial construction experts to help struggling business owners turn their operation around. This expert should be able to provide advice and renovation services and work alongside a team to help the business owner create a successful enterprise. To be considered, email [email protected] witih your name, age, location, business name, phone number, recent photo and examples of your work.
Alcohol Marketing Expert

A NYC production company and major cable network are now casting alcohol & beverage marketing expert to help struggling businesses. If you have the skills and expertise that can turn a failing business around, contact us at [email protected] with your name, age, location, occupation, phone number, recent photo and a few sentences about your experience.


First-Time Expectant Parents & Parents Pregnant with Multiples for Documentary

We are looking for compelling stories about the unforgettable experience of becoming first-time parents. (must have a due date falling between December 2017 and March 2018.) – Was your pregnancy exciting but unexpected? – Are you expecting MULTIPLES for the first time? – Do you major life changes happening while going through your pregnancy? Let us document your experience as you first become a parent.

To be considered or to nominate a couple send an email and write: “PREGNANCY” in the subject line to [email protected] with the following info: Parents’ Names, Contact info, Due date. Tell us a little bit about your life and pregnancy and *INCLUDE 3 photos of yourself and your partner/co-parent.


Fun Couples Who are Expecting a Baby for TV Show

Baby Gender Reveal! High energy parents who DO NOT know the gender of their bundle of joy: Do you want to find out your baby’s gender on national television? Couples should be no more than 3-4 months into their pregnancy. Must live in the NYC tri-state area. Must be available November14th. Email submissions to [email protected].


Consumer Electronics/Consumer Technology Commercial

We are looking for girls legally 12-14 years old who are smart, artistic, and interesting to be in a Network SAG commercial. This will be auditioning throughout this week and will have a callback on the 17th in NYC. The job will shoot 10/23-28. If you have a girl who is interested and availble for all the dates, please send us a recent photo, with a little background story of the girl with what makes her special (3-5 sentences at most), and contact number so we can set up the audition to [email protected].


Unique Pregnancy Stories

Are you pregnant and experiencing relationship problems? Have there been infidelities or trust issues with your partner, even though you are experiencing a baby together? A NYC production company is casting a new show about unique pregnancy stories and unusual circumstances during this time in your life. If you would like to share your story and experiences in an open, honest way, contact [email protected] along with you and your partner’s names, ages, occupations, location, contact information, recent photo and a few sentences about your story.


Investigators for New Crime Show

A NYC production company is now casting a male criminal investigator, detective, former profiler or agent to be the host of a new crime show. Looking for someone with a solid background and an interest in cold cases that can work alongside local law enforcement officials to discover new leads and interpret new evidence. For consideration or additional information, contact [email protected] along with name, age, location, contact information and a few sentences about your experience.


Large Families for Video Project

GENUINE is looking to feature all types of Large Families in a PAID Video Project, especially those with: 3 or more children, Several generations living together, Blended families, Families with adopted children, Mixed race families. Families selected for the final project will be compensated and featured in a project about their grocery shopping, cooking and food storage habits. We are searching Nationwide.

To submit, please fill out our questionnaire at the following link:


Couples who are Marrying Their “Backup Plan”

Do you and your best friend have a marriage backup plan? Have you suddenly approached your age deadline and are about to get hitched? A NYC production company is now casting women who have a legitimate marriage pact with a long time friend and are now facing the reality of going through with it. If you and your “Plan B” are interested, contact us at [email protected] along with your names, ages, occupations, location, phone number, photo and a few sentences about your relationship and when you plan on getting married.


Engaged Couples

Are you engaged, but waiting to live with your fiance until after the wedding? A NYC production company is casting couples who will be living together for the first time after they are married, whether for personal, cultural or religious reasons. If you and your significant other are engaged and living separately until the wedding, contact us at [email protected] along with your names, ages, occupations, location, phone numbers, wedding date, photo and a few sentences about your relationship.


Haunted Home Owners

Have weird and unusual things happen in the house you own? Is there a questions of paranomal activity? Do you believe a crime may have occurred in the home before you moved in? We are casting homeowners who are experiencing unsettling things in their home and we have a team of experts who can provide the answers you’re looking for. To be considered, please email [email protected] with your name, location, phone number, photo and a brief paragraph about the unusual activity in your home.


Expecting Parents for TV Opportunity

Will you be a first time parent? Are you living with your parents or in-laws, or will you be a single mother going at it alone? Perhaps there is something unique about your pregnancy or lifestyle?

We are looking for heartfelt stories about the unforgettable experience of becoming first time parents! If you are 3-6 months pregnant and want to share your story, please contact [email protected] with your names, ages, location, occupations, phone number, due date, and a few sentences about your story.


Pregnant Couples Who Need to Relocate

Are you having a baby with someone that lives in a different state or country? Are you trying to figure out relocating to be together for the baby? Or do you currently have a child with someone from a different country and you’re trying to relocate? A major cable network is currently casting for couples who are pregnant and need to relocate to a different state or country to make it work! Please write to us and tell us your story! Please include photos and contact information to: [email protected]


Renovation Experts for Remodeling Show

Do you love renovating barns, ranches and country estates? Are you a DIY’er that has a passion for breathing life into country homes? We are looking for outgoing characters with big personalities for a new remodeling show highlighting America’s rustic treasures.

To apply, please send your name, age, location, a recent photo, contact information, and a brief paragraph about your experience to [email protected].


Seeking Twins or Triplets for a Short Documentary Video Series is creating a new short video series about memory and identical twins. We are looking for twins who live within driving distance of NY (NY, DC, Philly, Boston, etc.) who would be interested in sharing a story with us. If you have a fun, enticing, intense or even mundane story to tell about a shared experience that you and your twin remember very differently, please tell it to us! We will be choosing a few of these stories to become episodes in our video series.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and for more information at [email protected].


Singles for Dating show

Are you tired of playing the typical dating game and want some adventure in your life? A NYC production company and major cable network are now casting an exciting new dating show and are looking for singles that are ready to meet THE ONE! If chosen, you will be sent to an exciting location to go on dates with smokin’ hot eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

If you are fun, vibrant and outgoing and want the dating experience of a lifetime, contact us ASAP. Please email [email protected] along with your name, age, location, occupation, recent photo and paragraph about yourself.


Divorced Couples for Second Chances Project

Are you still in love with your ex? Would you remarry him or her if you had the opportunity? In America, there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds. But one study shows that during the divorce process, up to 40% of couples report that one or both spouses are interested in the possibility of reconciliation.

A NYC production company is now casting divorced couples who would be interested in second chances. If you are interested in working out your differences to try again, contact us at [email protected] along with your names, ages, location, occupations, phone number, recent photo and a few sentences about why you would be interested in remarriage.


Nationwide Casting: Couples in Their 6th Year of Marriage

Are you in your 6th year of marriage? Do you have a big change or milestone coming up for year 7? An award-winning production company is seeking couples currently in their 6th year of marriage who have big milestones on the horizon. This potential series will follow couples throughout their 7th year of marriage. We’re looking for people who are eager to share the highs, the lows, the laughs and the issues that arise in their relationship. We want to explore the events, experiences and situations that couples face as they navigate the milestones in their lives. We are excited to hear from all genders, sexual orientations and ethnicities. Whether you’re standing at a crossroads or are embarking on a new chapter in your relationship, we’re looking for outgoing and charismatic people who are eager to share their story with a TV audience. If you’re interesting in being considered, please fill out our online application: If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]


Documentary Casting: Is Your Last Name Black, White, or Love?

What does it mean to be Black or White in America? What is Love in America? A captivating new documentary project is looking to profile people with the surnames Black, White, and Love as a way to explore race, socioeconomic status and relationships in America. Our award-winning television production company is searching for people and families with these surnames who are currently facing big milestones or life circumstances whether they’re related to their race, economic status, relationships, lifestyles or family lives. We’re searching nationwide for people from all ethnicities, economic statuses, sexual orientations, marital statuses and education levels. We’re interested in finding people with outgoing, dynamic and big personalities who want to invite us into their world! To be considered, please fill out our online questionnaire: If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].