Casting Calls

Looking for child talent? Need moms or families for your production? You’ve come to the right place – a community of fun and diverse families who love to get involved.

Need some people? Send the details to [email protected].

There is no charge to post for casting calls. Simply send the details about who you need to make your production amazing!

Casting Calls

Print Campaign for Babies & Toddlers

Casting babies and toddlers for a print shoot. Casting director states: “Seeking children who can easily put a great smile on their face, be happy and give that natural shot.” Shoots late January in the Culver City, CA-area. More info HERE.

“Lovepop Valentine’s” Seeking Boys & Girls ages 5-12

Casting “Lovepop Valentine’s,” a story about a couple’s tradition of giving each over Lovepop cards every Valentine’s day, and then passing on that tradition to their daughter. Seeking submissions from NYC. More info HERE.

“With Love” Seeking Two Boys ages 6-15

Casting “With Love,” a short student film about two brothers trying to bring their divorced parents together for a Christmas meal. Seeking submissions from NYC. More info HERE.

Seeking Real Families for Walt Disney World Commercials 

My Disney Day is a new promotional series airing on Disney Networks and online that features a real family in the parks experiencing the magic of something new and amazing.  Shoots Feb. 8-10, 2019 in Orlando, FL.  Seeking submissions nationwide.  More info HERE.

“Pink Violence” Short Film Seeking Girls Ages 9-14

Casting “Pink Violence”, a student short film about a group of women that meet up in secret to get justice for minorities. Shoots March 25-29 in Brooklyn and Manhattan. More info HERE.

“Toby” Student Film Seeking Boys 5+ in LA

Casting “Toby,” a student film. Synopsis: Jacqueline, 25, wants to be an actress, but works as a nanny to pay the bills…

Rehearsals begin Jan. 14; shoots Feb. 10-11 in L.A. More info HERE.

“A Kid’s Best Friend” Casting Boys Ages 6+

Synopsis: A young boy who deals with isolation and depression throughout his adolescent years finds companionship through his two action figures that are able to talk to him. We follow him through his teenage years and witness how his life, and relationship with his toys change in the process.

Rehearses TBD; shoots Jan. 25-27, 2019 and Feb. 1-3, 2019 in NYC. More info HERE.

YouTube Show Holiday Episode seeks Guest Star 

Blossom Kids from around the world are invited to be a part of Poppy and Posie’s upcoming holiday episode; whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, the Blossom Sisters want to learn all about your special holiday traditions; Blossom Kids will submit a video of themselves speaking about what holiday traditions their family looks forward to each year; have fun in creating your video and make sure to let your colorful personality shine. Include your best friends, dress up, use props, smile big, and, most importantly, be yourself; because you are blossom.

Seeking males and females 2-10.  More info HERE.


Casting “Pitchfork,” a fine art photography project. Photographer states: “The theme is modern-day revolutionaries protesting the 1%. We are looking for dozens of people to play anarchists, agitators, and protesters…” (continued on link below). Looking for males and females ages 16 and up.

Shoot date(s) TBD at various exterior and interior locations in and around L.A. Seeking submissions from Los Angeles, California. More info HERE.

“Westbank Roots”

Casting “Westbank Roots,” a period piece set in the early 1970s in which the protagonist, Tonya (“Toni”), is constantly harassed by her fellow teammates for being a girl trying to play a boy’s game. Looking for girls ages 13-17 and boys 14-17.

Rehearses in early January 2019; shoots Feb. 21-25 in Marrero, LA. Seeking submissions from New Orleans, LA. More info HERE.


Casting “Hand-Washed,” a slice-of-life dramatic short film about a young, Chinese-American girl, Han, dealing with the complex emotions of distance, love, and frustration towards her Chinese mother during her visit to America. Rehearses late February, 2019; shoots early March, 2019 in Chicago, IL. More info HERE.

“Bad Clown” Comedy from Mystic Media Film

Casting “Bad Clown” a short comedy film about a bad clown who turns a kids party into an all out rave lit party: kids snorting Fun Dip and smashing juice boxes on their heads; dazed in a bounce house. More info HERE.

Casting People with Goals for the Future

GENUINE is looking for Women and Men, ages 35-65, who have GOALS and DREAMS they want to pursue.  Whether personal or professional, recent or long term, we want to hear about your yet unrealized plans and what is holding you back from achieving your goal. Those selected will be compensated and featured in a research film. For more info, call GENUINE at 212-966-3211 or email us at [email protected]. Submit HERE.

Contractors and Renovation Experts that Specialize in Church Makeovers

A NYC prodcution company is now casting contractors and renovation experts that specialize in church makeovers. For more information or to be considered, contact [email protected] with your name, location, business name, phone number, recent photo, and examples of your recent church renovations.

Millenial Tattoo Parlor

A NYC production company is now casting a fun and outgoing group of millennial tattoo artists who work together in the tri-state area. To be considered, contact us at [email protected] with your names, shop name and location, recent photos and some examples of your work.

Couples for Docu-series

If you’re looking for couples therapy and are open to sharing your story, we’d love to hear from you! We’re offering 20 sessions of free couples therapy with a renowned therapist in NYC. All sessions will be filmed. Applicants should be genuinely seeking therapy and committed to seeing what the process can offer their relationship.

Apply now at: