Casting Calls

Looking for child talent? Need moms or families for your production? You’ve come to the right place – a community of fun and diverse families who love to get involved.

Need some people? Send the details to [email protected].

There is no charge to post for casting calls. Simply send the details about who you need to make your production amazing!

Casting Calls

“Bad Clown” Comedy from Mystic Media Film

Casting “Bad Clown” a short comedy film about a bad clown who turns a kids party into an all out rave lit party: kids snorting Fun Dip and smashing juice boxes on their heads; dazed in a bounce house. More info HERE.

Casting People with Goals for the Future

GENUINE is looking for Women and Men, ages 35-65, who have GOALS and DREAMS they want to pursue.  Whether personal or professional, recent or long term, we want to hear about your yet unrealized plans and what is holding you back from achieving your goal. Those selected will be compensated and featured in a research film. For more info, call GENUINE at 212-966-3211 or email us at [email protected]. Submit HERE.

Child Actors for Feature Length Film

Casting two actors with real disabilities for lead roles in “Daruma,” a feature-length film based on a true story. For more information, see A trailer for fundraising efforts will shoot 1 day (date TBD) in October 2018; feature production scheduled to begin spring 2019 in L.A. Note: Production is considering talent nationwide. However, actors should be advised that at this time, travel and accommodation may not be provided.

Apply HERE.

Casting Amateur House Flippers

Now Casting individuals, couples, families, and businesses who urgently need HELP fixing their failing flip! The show will feature a celebrity flipping professional who will help amateur flippers turn it all around by investing in their flip to help them come out on top!

Email us with your contact info, flipping story, and current photos!!!! Subject Line: FLIP MY FLOP

email: [email protected]

Boys and Girls 4-10 for Toy Company Photoshoot

Seeking talent for a photoshoot for a leading toy company; to be used for packaging and digital marketing collateral. Shoots Aug. 14 or 15 in Wyckoff, NJ; each child will model one day or the other.
Seeking submissions from: Wyckoff, NJ

Apply HERE.

Kids 4-8 and Families for Social Media Food Brand Photoshoot

Casting a photoshoot for a major quick service restaurant. Note: Images will be posted on the company’s social media accounts. DO NOT EMAIL SUBMISSIONS. Shoots Aug. 15 or 16 (9 a.m.-5 p.m.) in Milford, Connecticut. Seeking submissions from: New York, NY; New Haven, CT; Milford, CT; Greenwich, CT; Jersey City, NJ; Union City, NJ; Brooklyn, NY; Queens, NY; Staten Island, NY; Bronx, NY

Apply HERE.

Boys and Girls for ‘Bunny Man’ Film

A young kid battles against his/her fear of the dark which manifests into the Bunny Man. Shoots 4 & 5 August in NYC (times and locations to be confirmed).

Apply HERE.

Kids for “Seussical the Musical Jr.”

Seeking children ages 6–18 (must be able to read) for a full scale production of “Seussical the Musical Jr.” “The kids will get a professional rehearsal process that culminates into a production with costumes, sets and lights designed by professionals working in the industry. They will be working with a director/choreographer who has worked Off-Broadway. There will also be a live band. There will be 4 performances on the weekend of Sept 8 & 9. Rehearsal schedules will be available at audition.

Apply HERE.

Spoken Word Performance/Poetry Piece in the Midwest

Casting a 60- to 90-second commercial film for a brand based out of the Midwest that features a young person (girl ages 9-12) delivering a spoken word performance piece to the camera, a poem about the power of play and how play shapes and defines us all. More info HERE.

Disney Promo in Orlando, Florida

Miami Talent Casting is seeking a young, precocious child aged 5 or 6 who looks younger with lots of energy, follows direction well, not easily distracted, can perform/repeat given lines with natural inflection, casting their immediate family as well of two parents and an older sibling. Shooting on August 15. More info HERE.

Copy of “Swing: Episode Four”

Casting “Swing: Episode Four,” a short film produced by Atif Lanier. Looking for boy ages 10 and up. Shooting in Philadelphia. More info HERE.

Toddlers and Young Children for Toy Product Promo Videos

Seeking young children for 10x product videos for 10x products featuring a child actor/model playing with the toy in a simple playroom studio setup. Tentatively shoots Aug. 2 (approx. 3-4 hours) at Firelight Studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY. Apply HERE.

Casting Families for ‘Totally Awesome Summer’ Photoshoot

Casting children and families to portray audience members for a photoshoot during a live performance of “Totally Awesome Summer,” a new Off-Broadway musical. In the show, “kids don’t have to stay in their seats. They’re encouraged to get up and dance in the aisles – and sometimes on stage!” We’ll be photographing the show for promotional purposes. Apply HERE.

New Mom Product Trial

Elvie creates products that improve the health and lives of women everywhere through smarter technology. We’re currently on the lookout for working women with 2-6month old babies who are based in NYC to trial an exciting new product! The trial will run from 23rd-27th of July and should mostly fit into your normal working routine. If you or anyone you know is available and fits the criteria then please contact Beccy at [email protected].

Magilla Casting’s “Urban Tattoo Parlor”

A New York City-based production company is now casting nationwide for a fun and outgoing group of millennial tattoo artists with celebrity clientele. To be considered, contact us at [email protected] with your names, shop name and location, phone numbers, recent photos, and some examples of your work.

Giant Food: Kids Eat Healthy Meals

Casting a promo video featuring three kids who try healthy alternatives to classic meals on camera. Casting males and females age 4-12. More information here.

‘Our Quinceanera or Sweet Sixteen’
Casting the film documentary “Our Quinceanera or Sweet Sixteen” by filmmaker Fanny Veliz. Seeking one male and one female to share their experience during their Quinceanera or Sweet Sixteen to be feature in the documentary. Casting will be run through the clapit app. More information here.

FOX Dating Series 

Casting an attractive, smart, and outgoing guy (35-40) for a new FOX dating series. Casting producer states: “On the show, you would be presented as one the most eligible bachelors in the country.” Shoots in the fall in Chicago. More information here.

Contractors and Renovation Experts that Specialize in Church Makeovers

A NYC prodcution company is now casting contractors and renovation experts that specialize in church makeovers. For more information or to be considered, contact [email protected] with your name, location, business name, phone number, recent photo, and examples of your recent church renovations.

Millenial Tattoo Parlor

A NYC production company is now casting a fun and outgoing group of millennial tattoo artists who work together in the tri-state area. To be considered, contact us at [email protected] with your names, shop name and location, recent photos and some examples of your work.

Casting Moms Who Want Their Sexy Back

We’re giving away several boudoir sessions to mamas in the tri-state area (NYC/NJ/CT). Sexy means whatever makes YOU feel sexy. No nudity! We’re talking lingerie, a body-conscious dress, etc. As part of the process, we’ll interview you before and after, laugh together, and have an all-around fun day. We’ll make a video documentary of this entire process which will by sponsored by Adam & Eve.

We’d especially like to feature mamas with a story. Whether you are pregnant now or recently had a baby and want to feel comfy with your new curvier curves. Or maybe your kids are “grown and flown” and you’re about to become an empty nester. Or you’re in the middle of a tough divorce or just starting to date for the first time in years. Maybe you’ve come through a serious illness or injury and want to celebrate your strength. It’s all about YOU!

Photos will be super-tasteful!!

If you are interested, send us an email at [email protected] telling us why. Or if writing isn’t your thing, make a casual video telling us why. Read more here.

Hidden Camera Magic Show

Have you ever wanted to prank your family members, friends, or kids on TV? Currently casting for a hidden camera magic show to shoot in NYC/Westchester/NJ areas this summer. Speaking roles, and plenty of reaction shots. Please email [email protected] with a photo of yourself and who you’d like to set up, a brief description of their personality and your contact information. We will work with you to form the prank and get your unsuspecting person to set – because this is a prank show, please don’t tip them off. Non union. Those selected will be contacted directly. Thanks!

Columbia University student film “(Only) Child”

Directed by Kio Shijiki, “(Only) Child” is looking for a young female between ages 4 through 8 for the supporting role of a younger sister. All ethnicities are welcomed, and a headshot is required.

For more information:

Summer Tourism Photo Shoot – Catskills

This is a photo shoot for a tourism photo catalog from Adworkshop. Catalog of final images will be used for all forms of marketing collateral for our client and clients partners. We are searching for 1-2 children between the ages of 5-12 along with a mother and father (age 30-50) to fit our ideal family dynamic for the shoot. We are open to all ethnicities and prefer a genuine family interested in having fun and creating a genuine experience based look for images throughout the shoot, but who are also OK with being directed. The shots will be based around arts & culture and an upscale family resort.

For more information:

Casting families who use their Windows PC to help manage their lives

Vitamin Enriched, a real people casting company, is working on an exciting campaign telling the stories of how people use their Windows PC’s ((desktop, laptop, tablet)) in their daily lives. We are looking for people who are busy and productive, and use technology to achieve more. We are specifically looking for parents of young children who are juggling personal and professional goals, and using their computer to manage their lives. Maybe you’re coaching your kids’ team or helping your kids with homework. Maybe you’re working from home or running your home-based or family business. Maybe you’re managing a home improvement project, planning a family vacation or a family reunion. Whatever it is, we want to learn how your Windows PC helps you manage your life! We are searching nationwide!

More information:


Couples for Docu-series

If you’re looking for couples therapy and are open to sharing your story, we’d love to hear from you! We’re offering 20 sessions of free couples therapy with a renowned therapist in NYC. All sessions will be filmed. Applicants should be genuinely seeking therapy and committed to seeing what the process can offer their relationship.

Apply now at:



Families experiencing behavioral, parental, relational, emotional, social, cognitive and academic challenges.

A Major cable network and High Noon Entertainment recently joined forces to bring this dynamic new project to life. For the first time ever, a nationally recognized top-tier family consulting service wants to give you access to resources and know-how that might have been unaffordable – until now! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get valuable resources and guidance tailored to help your specific family’s needs. Families who qualify will be offered a free, expertly-designed and personalized program filled with professional strategies for long-term change typically worth $4,000. Let experts address and improve your family dynamic – once and for all. Tell us your story: What is happening? How long has this been going on? Have you sought help from doctors or professionals? Who is your support system? How many people are in your immediate family? How can we help? To find out more, message [email protected].