talented kid at casting call

Casting Calls

Looking for child talent? Need moms or families for your production? You’ve come to the right place – a community of fun and diverse families who love to get involved.

Need some people? Send the details to [email protected].

There is no charge to post for casting calls. Simply send the details about who you need to make your production amazing!

Casting Calls

CASTING: People with Cancer, Chronic Pain, Diabetes or HIV 

SUBMIT BEFORE Monday, 5/11: https://form.jotform.com/201114448000133

GENUINE is looking for people with these conditions to participate in a virtual discussion with a pharmacist about their health.

Those selected will be compensated and featured in a video project for a major pharmacy store.

Feed Me Fashion Show

Casting for a live fashion show with locally-sourced food.

Seeking males and females ages 3-16. Runs June 11th-13th in Atlanta, GA. More info HERE.

‘Zemirah’ Web Drama Series

Shooting for a romantic/dramatic web series.

Seeking males and females ages 0-7. Shoots TBD in the Orlando, FL area. More info HERE.

‘Creature’ Fantasy Film

Filming a short fantasy film about a girl who finds a monster under her bed.

Seeking females ages 5-8. Shoots late May or June in Los Angeles, CA. More info HERE.

The Family Institute ‘Parenting Technique’ Video Series

Casting for videos with examples of parenting techniques.

Seeking kids ages 5-7. Shoots two days TBD around Chicago, IL. More info HERE.

We’re Casting people who have been involved in Car Accidents to share their stories.

The goal of this campaign is to show how many serious accidents can be prevented in the future with upcoming advances in technology. The information and link for submitting are below.

We’re looking for all different types of people who could have been involved in a car accident including:

  • Driver
  • Pedestrian / Runner
  • Cyclist

We’re specifically looking for people in Boston, Sacramento and Detroit.

We understand this is a sensitive topic, so feel free to reach out with any questions: 212-966-3211.

Casting New Season of Supernanny

The original host, Jo Frost, returns as the charming no-nonsense Supernanny ready to help moms and dads everywhere learn the ins and outs of parenting. If you wish that your children would listen better and you could calm the chaos in your household, send an email with the names and ages of parents and children, the issues you would like Supernanny to address, your email, best contact phone number, location, and a few recent pictures of your family to [email protected]