How Long Should I Swaddle My Baby?

Many newborn and young infants love being swaddled because it makes them feel safe and secure. However, by the time infants are three or four months, they should not be swaddled as they need to be able to move around freely – especially while they are sleeping or napping.

Why Does My Baby Cry So Much?

Babies cry for many reasons and this can be frustrating for parents. I know when my baby was having colic during the night, she would cry for what seemed like hours, and I would feel so helpless despite all my pediatric knowledge about managing colic.

Caring For My Baby’s Mouth and Teeth: Part II

 What are some ways I can keep my baby’s mouth and teeth healthy? Baby teeth and caring for them is very important. When baby teeth are infected with strep mutans infection, this infection can be transmitted to permanent teeth and cause damage.  It is essential to take care of primary baby teeth, even though they […]