Parents: Are We Afraid of Parenting?

Sadly, over time we have become more uncomfortable with setting limits and being consistent with our daily routines or general rules. Parenting is a difficult job – the most difficult and demanding job I have ever had. Our children need us to be the parent, even when it’s uncomfortable and ugly.

Air Travel with Kids: How Do I Lessen the Crazy?

Traveling CAN be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be a horror show. Keep in mind that society lets loud, obnoxious grown ups out and about in public – so KIDS who are loud and… ummm… let’s just say loud – are allowed out there too! And they are KIDS and still learning (so, to the jerk yelling at the line to move faster – what’s your excuse?) What’s a grown up’s excuse? Hmmm? NONE. OK, rant over – let’s get down to biz.