Finding Work-From-Home Jobs

It seems like a dream to be able to clock in at home, maintain your career, and find more time for your family. In today’s job market this fantasy is, surprisingly, a reality. Sound too good to be true? Just ask the State of the Remote Job Marketplace, which came out with a report recently […]

6 Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe While Bathing

Bath time can be a fun way for babies and parents to spend time together, but it can also quickly turn into a parent’s worst nightmare if safety precautions are not taken. It can be easy for your baby to drown or have their skin scalded by hot water if you aren’t careful with the bath.

How To Manage Challenging And Picky Eaters

Whether your child has been a picky eater from the start, or has just flipped from a lover of kale and salmon to a refuser of anything but white pasta, know that you are not alone. Here is a feeding manifesto that every parent, especially parents of difficult eaters, should know.

5 Fun and Alternative Spring Cookout Foods (To Look Forward To)

While there may still be snow in the forecast, as the winter begins to wind down, cookout invites will start pouring in. You can look forward to chatting with your friends in the sun and watching your kids run around, but you might not get excited about deciding what cookout food to bring along. Packing another bag of potato chips to share is a tempting solution, but why not find a creative and fun treat to add to the table? Check out these five alternative cookout foods to make this spring.

How Do I Handle An Epic Toddler Tantrum?

Ahhh, The Epic Toddler Tantrum. It is a masterful thing. Number one, remember that it is not about you. Your child might be mad at you, but the child’s explosion is about him and his feelings, and you do not have to own those feelings as well. He is not in pain, he is  PISSED. Let him be mad, you do not have to be as well.