What is a Balanced Diet for Kids?

If you are to ask children what they should be eating, many will say things like pizza, fast food or other foods that they enjoy eating (but aren’t so healthy). And can you blame them? I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate that melts in your mouth or a delicious burger? You want to instill good eating habits so they can grow up and understand what foods are good for them, and what sorts of foods aren’t.

7 Developmental Activities to Do With Your Children this Weekend

Whether children realize they are learning or not, many playtime activities develop your children’s skills such as cognitive, social and motor. This weekend, partake in the following developmental activities with your children where they get to meet animals, climb on playgrounds and play with art. You’ll both have a blast while they learn valuable skills for their future.

Bouncing Back After Baby: The Basics

Getting back into shape after having a baby is a daunting task for any new mother. To regain energy and confidence, you should first understand the important relationship between physical activity and proper nutrition. A better understanding of how these components work together, and knowing how to put them into action will help moms feel happier and healthier as they get their groove back post-baby.