Mother-in-Law Feels Rejected by Daughter-in-Law

My older son, Tom, 32, married to Tracey, became involved with her when he was 17 and she was 19. She is really the only person he ever seriously dated. She has always called the shots in their relationship.  During the past 15 years she is always warm and friendly at family functions (while my […]

How to Deal with a Creepy Father-in-Law

I am engaged to Van. My problem is Van’s stepfather, George, who will soon become my step-father-in-law. I am uncomfortable around George for a variety of reasons, such as: he whispers things to me like, “Van sure has a good eye,” or “If I were a few years younger I’d give Van a run for […]

How Do I Deal With an Unsupportive Mother in Law?

  I truly want to release myself of the anger and bitterness I feel toward my mother-in-law. She lives 20 minutes away, but doesn’t ever offer to come by to help or just to see her three-year-old grandson. She is a very active woman socially with golf, luncheons, and friends. She has three older grandchildren […]