Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

 What foods should I avoid during pregnancy? Ah yes, pregnancy is a wonderful time to splurge on tasty indulgences! For every yin, there is a yang. Pregnancy brings with it some foods that are best reduced or eliminated while we are growing our beautiful babies. Here’s a list of what is often recommended: Caffeine Intake […]

My Baby is Breech: What To Do?

 What is a breech baby, and what are some ways to encourage the baby to turn? You just came back from your prenatal visit, and the doctor mentioned that your baby is breech. What does this mean for your labor? Should you be concerned? When a baby is in this position, the baby has his […]

How Early Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?

You asked and you shall now receive. It’s only fair for us to share all of this stored up knowledge about having a baby and what is going on with your body during those nine (really ten) months. We will now answer, in a very public forum, all of those burning questions about having a […]

Are herbal teas safe during pregnancy?

There is a bit of a debate about herbal teas, as some are perfectly safe, and some come with caution. Though touted as “all natural”, many herbs are used for medicinal purposes, and are contradicted during pregnancy and are best to steer away from while expecting.

Safe Pregnancy Beauty Products

Sure, we should all learn to read and understand cosmetics labels the same way we do food labels, but this can be an overwhelming endeavor, especially with pregnancy brain. Follow the tips below to easily mitigate your exposure to the worst chemical offenders.

Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Just when you’ve managed your active pregnancy bladder and embraced the frequent bathroom visits – leg cramps begin to set in! Here are some tips to keep the blood circulating and to help reduce leg cramping: