Twin Talk: Finding a Baby Nurse

You're having twins. You're feeling overwhelmed. You think you will need help. Hire a full- time baby nurse, right? Maybe. A baby nurse can be a wonderful way to transition into motherhood. By having the right baby nurse you will have help with scheduling, feeding, and bathing - and you will be...
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Babysitter Safety

As a new mother, leaving your precious infant in the care of a babysitter for the first time can be a little frightening. After all, you know how to meet her needs. Will a babysitter be able to do so, as well? However, all new mothers need a break from time to time. They need to rest, recuperate...
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What You Should Look for in a Daycare

As the summer is soon coming to a close, many new parents and parents-to-be are thinking about daycare for their baby. As a father of two and, at the time, having both my wife and I commute over an hour to work, choosing a daycare seemed like an impossible task.  As I agree with those who...
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