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The House vs. The Town: Which Matters MOST?

Since you first started imagining life in suburbia, you no doubt started picturing your “dream house.” Maybe it’s a vision you’ve been kicking around for years, or maybe it’s just now starting to take shape. Either way, it’s getting clearer and clearer by the day - the perfect backyard,...
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Exploring the 'Burbs: Teleclass Re-cap

When space gets tight in the city, many moms consider a move to the suburbs. Is such a move starting to make sense to you? We recently held a highly informative and illuminating teleclass with Heather and Zach Harrison, the co-founders of Platinum Drive Realty - our generous sponsor - as they...
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The Kinds of Moms You'll Meet in Suburbia

Like every city neighborhood, every suburb is totally different than the next—different personality, different vibe, different expectations. You get the idea. But, despite their differences, there are a few mom types who seem to pop up no matter where you go. In every suburb we’ve ever...
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