These Are the Best Things about Being a Modern Mom

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Talk to a mom about the joys and pains of motherhood and she will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. She will find it hard to stop telling you all about the sleepless nights and emotional bath times, complaining and laughing all at the same time. She will tell you about how poop can make a parent happy. “Oh finally, the baby pooped,” she would delightedly say.

Modern moms today are better prepared. CDC research shows that the average age of first-time mothers is at an all-time high of 26. Women stay in school longer, join the workforce to start a career, and they wait to get married and have kids. Thankfully, becoming a mother for the first time these days means having more support – ranging from health insurance to advances in technology.

One of the best things about being a mom in the age of smartphones and the Internet is that you have an instant babysitter and a best friend teaching you everything from changing a diaper to putting a baby to sleep in a matter of seconds. It also captures all those baby milestones in a selfie.

Here are the nine best things about being a modern mom:

Weight loss made easy

After giving birth, some moms shift their focus to losing pregnancy weight. After all, if Beyonce, who is probably the busiest modern mom, could do it, why can’t they? This is where mom and condo-living mix perfectly well. Aside from gym amenities, jogging and bike paths encourage every mom to embrace a more active lifestyle. There are also play courts to make the getting back on the health track  more fun.

Of course, there are countless testimonials online from every woman on how they lost weight. There are also tutorials on whipping up a healthy meal in under 15 minutes. There are even mobile applications that feature exercise routines.

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Learning the ropes one YouTube video at a time

Never cooked a meal in your life? Never baked? Don’t worry. All modern moms need to do is to type in whatever they want on YouTube and it will show them how. A McCann survey showed that 84% of moms today agree that technology simplifies their life. They crave utility and efficiency so much that 49% would choose to save their smartphones over their engagement rings. Interesting, huh?

baby playing with a cell phone, modern family, modern parents

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Expert advice from expert moms

The power of sharing is big in the new generation of mothers. The above-mentioned survey further revealed that 88% of moms appreciate pieces of advice on motherhood and would gladly share it. No wonder the number of blogger moms is on the rise. Moms see themselves as influencers, making them more empowered.

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That deserves a selfie

Newborn babies today have more pictures on their first day into the world than a pre-school toddler from 10 years ago. One of the best things about being a mom today is that you get to capture as many moments of your child as you like and no one has to remind you that you have only got two more shots left on the film roll (you know, analog cameras  with negatives). And chances are that your baby will know how to pose for a selfie before she can even walk.

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Working from home

With advancements in technology, you could totally skip traffic and just stay home and make money. This is the kind of modern mom living that is gaining popularity. The decades-old debate of whether moms should work or stay at home can rest now with the rise of the working mother at home. There are a lot of jobs that modern moms can do from home such as virtual assistant, marketer, writer, blogger, tutor, or entrepreneur. Stay-at-home working mothers pay the bills without having to leave their children with a nanny.

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Will have that to-go, please

At a time when everybody seems to always be in a rush, the fondness for drive-thru and to-go are very easily understood. If you have no time to cook dinner, you can order online and have food delivered in no time. Everything is in ready-to-heat pouches. While nothing beats home cooking, modern moms sometimes have to depend on take-out and to-go meals.

take out food

There’s an app for that

Whether you need help with managing finances, scheduling family activities, creating a menu for the week, a new exercise routine or keeping baby diary, there is always an app for that. Becoming a mother for the first time these days is made easier with these apps that act like your own personal secretary, helping you out with anything anytime.

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Classic, ageless beauty

Mothers are the most beautiful beings in this world. They don’t need to put on makeup or spray on perfume upon waking up. They twirl their hair up, give their little one a bath, prepare breakfast and smell like bacon before they can rush into the shower and put on whatever they can pull out from the closet.

Birthday cake made by a super mom

But more and more modern moms are making themselves a priority, too. They find ways to feel more beautiful inside and out. They see the importance of pampering, whether it’s an all-natural regimen from the kitchen or the latest lippie from beauty stores. Modern moms find ways to relax and recharge by curling up next to a good book, mixing their own fresh smoothie, doing yoga or just binge-watching the latest season of their favorite TV series.

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Rockin’ it, no matter what

Modern moms are happy moms. They know how to rock it, no matter the activities. Hair in a bun and in yoga pants, they can go from grocery shopping to paying bills. They can squeeze in activities in between work. They brave traffic and come home eager to teach their kids with their homework. They make amazing partners, too.

This is a generation of smart moms. Modern moms find ways to make every day more productive and fun-filled. Some may argue that modern moms had it easy, with the convenience of technology and all, but this generation also has its unique challenges. Smart modern moms just know how to take it all in a stride.

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