The Learning Curve: Language Immersion for Babies

Sophia and I have recently started taking mommy and baby Italian classes together. “But, she’s only nine months!” And, “She doesn’t even speak ENGLISH yet!” are a couple of the reoccurring comments I find myself fielding. While many of our family and friends are excited for us and eager to hear what we learn each […]

The Learning Curve: Reading for Pleasure

Reading for pleasure is an acquired skill; most children need to be taught to appreciate reading for fun. While some children enjoy reading as soon as they learn how (even before that, if they are read to), others are hesitant. Reluctant readers are typically reluctant because they struggle with the mechanics of decoding and comprehension, […]

The Learning Curve: Kindergarten Readiness

Heading to kindergarten is a major milestone and important transition for a little learner. It is an exciting time of exploration and discovery. With kindergarten comes greater responsibilities, and a more complex, faster-paced curriculum than pre-school offered (See here for an example of a typical day in a kindergarten classroom.) It’s a big step, and […]