9 Most FAQs About Toddler Sleep

Getting a toddler to sleep can be so tricky! The thing that no one warns us new parents about is – that once we finally get our infants to sleep through the night, that does not mean that our sleepless nights are over.

Independent School Fairs

According to my older son, the start to fall means one thing – and it’s not caramel apples. Fall means homework has started again! It also means that for many of you (and especially those with children from baby to six) the school search and admissions process begins. I know first-hand how overwhelming this process can […]

NY Family Expo 2015

Here are just a few of the many incredible brands and vendors we met at the New York Family Baby Expo: Motorola pediped Bitybean Pager Jane Stokke We also met and connected with hundreds of parents! Here is a picture of just one of the many adorable babies who visited our booth. This little guy […]

Back to School Deals 2014

With back-to-school time just around the corner, we thought we’d share a few verses from The White Stripes’ We’re Going to Be Friends – a whimsical and timely song. Fall is here, hear the yell Back to school, ring the bell Brand new shoes, walking blues Climb the fence, books and pens I can tell […]

Pop Up Classes around NYC!

Kidz Central Station’s Pop-Up Classes: Next one at Gymboree Play & Music! You know how jack-in-the-boxes play a little whimsical music and then “Jack” or a fun animal or character suddenly pops up to the absolute delight of your child? Well, that’s just what the clever folks at Kidz Central Station had in mind when […]

Mother’s Day 2014 Deals

We at Mommybites happen to think Mother’s Day is pretty much the best “holiday” ever. So, in honor of this special day, we thought we would share a few quotes about being a mother: When your mother asks, “Do you want a piece of advice?” it’s a mere formality. It doesn’t matter if you answer […]

Sweet February Deals

A common gift to give on Valentine’s Day is… CHOCOLATE. A huge, collective thank you to whomever started that tradition. To celebrate this chocolate lover’s holiday, here are a few fun facts from Candy USA about chocolate and Valentine’s Day: More than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s […]

No More ERBs: Two Admissions Advisors Share Their Reaction

Last week, the New York Times ran this piece about how many private schools will no longer require the ERB’s. We asked two admissions advisors to weigh in with their reaction to this: Its About Time… The ERB test has been around since our twenty years collectively in the admissions world! It has been a valuable […]

Playing, Dancing and Creating at NY Kids Club

This past Friday, I had the honor of bringing my younger son to attend NY Kids Club’s open house at their newest location in Tribeca. As we walked in, we were greeted by a warm, welcoming staff and I was instantly impressed with how bright and inviting the space was. Before I get into the […]