Ode to Summer

My sweet girls, As I dropped you off for the first day of school today, I had that moment of overwhelming emotion that has been present since your first day of preschool. There is such a feeling of promise and excitement in the air each year on this day. I look back on our summer […]

The Cousin Connection

There’s something unique about the connection between cousins. Growing up, I had many cousins but unfortunately, they didn’t live close by. While I fondly remember some holidays in Pennsylvania with a really funny group of extended family, and have memories of other cousins all over the world, we never got together often enough to have […]

Hoping Carousel Rides Never Go Out of Fashion

Since my oldest daughter was born eight years ago, I have avoided taking my children along on shopping trips. I preferred that they not tag along to any store, for any reason, unless absolutely necessary. I, myself, have never been a big shopper, I don’t like to browse and find the concept of window-shopping pointless. […]

Gastronomical Adventures in the Boroughs

The expression, ‘There is something for everyone’ is true in every aspect of NYC living –  culinary adventures notwithstanding. A few months ago, my husband and I read about what we thought was a little-known new group called the Gastronauts. This particular club is geared towards adventurous eaters. We submitted a brief essay explaining why […]

The ‘Care’ in Healthcare

Once in a while, a day comes along that knocks the wind out of you. Always unexpected, it forces you to unwillingly press the ‘pause’ button on the daily routines of life as you know it. This past week, we set off on the first of our summer adventures. We were all excited to spend […]

Striking A Beautiful Chord

Three years ago, my daughter started piano lessons as a Kindergartner. Her school offered classes as part of the after-school program. Along with a handful of other children, she spent an hour a week learning the basic concepts of piano playing. I always wished that I had learned to play, but with no musical background […]

Around The World in 80 Days

If global travel doesn’t fit into your busy schedule these days, then take a few hours and head to the New Theater in Midtown to see Around the World in 80 Days. This play by Mark Brown is based on the 1873 classic novel by Jules Verne and directed by Rachel Klein. Five actors masterfully […]

The Return of Bittersweet June

The last day of school is hurtling towards us once again and, like many others, I’m completely crazed. I’m trying my best to keep up with end-of-year projects and celebrations while finalizing summer camp logistics and vacations. Ever since my kids started pre-school, I’ve found June to be a bittersweet month. This year, as my […]

Brooklyn Summer Blast Off

For the past few years, we’ve opted to avoid the traffic and hassle of travel plans that go along with Memorial Day weekend and, instead, have chosen to stay local. We’ve found it’s a great weekend to explore the city on a slower pace, walk in to restaurants without reservations and explore uncharted territory with […]

Hoping For A Healthy Head Start

This past weekend my daughters had a sleepover at their grandparents’. When they got home, they told us about all the fun they had, including having breakfast for dinner on Saturday night, which included three eggs each and an obscene amount of crispy bacon on the side. They giggled as they described how their food-fest […]