Having a toddler: opened my eyes to the joy of being love

As parents, I’ve realized we grow up with our children. Having a toddler has opened my eyes to the joy of being love in everything I do. Logan’s favorite activity is the slide at the local playground. As I watched him run and jump one day, with every move the careful mommy was afraid and praying he wouldn’t get hurt.

He finally said to me,“Come on, Mom! Come with me, let’s slide!” My body felt 60, but my heart was 10! “No, Logan, mommy can’t fit on the slide!” We both chuckled and finally, I saw his frustration, so I gave in and climbed the slides.

We ran and played, and I looked up at the sunset and thought, “This is what love is all about.” Being present, giving in to your heart, throwing away your fears and allowing your heart to trust in the moment.

This month, it is more important to just “be love” – maybe check on a neighbor to see how they’re doing; stick up for someone who needs a voice or protecting; give a kind word or offer help in any way in your community to make someone else’s day a little brighter.

Love shows itself with simplicity and clarity – when we embrace it with full integrity it reveals itself in the softness of our voices, the swagger of confidence in our steps, the food we prepare. As moms we give a lot, but we do receive in abundance. When you feel you can’t go on, just “dig in” you’ll be amazed at the rewards.

I wrote in my journal that evening about our day. I hope that when he is a young man, my son will take at least a bit of my thoughts of our time spent together and that it will help him through life and know where and when to show his love. I’m thankful for the beauty of life and even the hardships it entails – but more so, thankful of the little lessons that my little one teaches me about love every day.

May you have Love in abundance this month and be love throughout the rest of the year!

Lisa St. Hill is an accomplished artist and instructor in fashion, dance and yoga with training from the Fashion Institute of Technology of NYC. A proud mother of two sons, one 22 and one 2 years old, she created the fashionable postpartum corset called My Goddess Wrap, which is featured in Connecticut’s largest lifestyle magazine, Serendipity.

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