Parenting Tips

How to Teach Sustainability From a Young Age

All the way back during the Industrial Revolution, high-profile names like Adam Smith and David Hume were already speaking out against a failure to protect the natural world that we live in. 

In more recent years, the threat of a rapidly changing climate and the importance of sustainable living have been even more keenly felt as bigwig personalities, like Robert Downey Jr., have continued the push to save the planet through modern technology. 

The Future of Infertility and Low Birth Rates

Governments and researchers call it the ‘global fertility crisis,’ but what does that even mean? Is there a crisis, or are women in control of their reproductive systems for the first time? One thing is clear: today’s global average fertility rate is just below 2.5 children per woman, which is less than half of the global fertility rate from 50 years ago when the average woman had at least five children, if not more.

This Is How to Get Kids to Sleep Through the Night

With all-too-common nightmares, anxiety, discomfort, and over-stimulation, kids of every age often struggle to stay asleep throughout the night. There could even be several reasons why they’re not sleeping well that you don’t yet realize. No matter how old your child is, however, healthy sleep is an important aspect of their overall wellbeing. Here are five different ways you can help them stay asleep throughout the night.