Parenting Tips

What You Need to Know about Swimming in Backyard Pools This Summer

Like any outdoor activity, there is a certain amount of risk in swimming in backyard pools due to the coronavirus. Should you choose to take it, here’s how you can do so as safely as possible. While public swimming pools are closed throughout New York State and new restrictions and guidelines were set for visiting beaches during […]

These Are the Best Virtual Happy Hour Ideas for Moms

Everybody needs a break sometimes, but that’s become more complicated with social distancing. Most of the time, your family members are home with you, which means you’re always in mom-mode. Being there for your kids sometimes requires putting your needs second, but you don’t have to feel stretched thin much longer. Once your kids are […]

These Are the Best Companies for Working Moms in NYC

Whether you’re a working momma looking to make a change, or you’re a SAHM thinking of returning to work, maneuvering the career boards can be daunting. Like close-the-job-boards-tab-and-do-some-Pinterest-instead, kind of daunting. It’s stressful enough trying to find the perfect career choice, but when you add a family to the mix, stress levels can grow monumentally. […]

Sensory Friendly Tips to Prepare Your Child for Season Changes

If you have a child with sensory processing disorder (SPD) or a highly sensitive temperament, you know change can wreak havoc on your family’s harmony. Environmental triggers can cause behavioral meltdowns, and if you aren’t prepared, you could feel like you’re losing the parenting game. Young kids often lack the vocabulary to explain what bothers […]

5 Differences between Twin Pregnancy and Singleton Pregnancy

When you find out that you’re pregnant with twins, you may start thinking and worrying about how your pregnancy will progress and how your twins are developing. Many women pregnant with twins have straightforward and uncomplicated pregnancies. Nevertheless, there are a few areas where your twin pregnancy may be different from a singleton pregnancy.

5 Nanny Job Benefits to Consider When Hiring a Nanny

Hiring a nanny to come into your home and care for your little ones is a great choice; the individual attention and care your kids will receive with a nanny really can’t be beat. But remember, hiring a nanny automatically makes you an employer, whether you’d like to assume that role or not. As such, you’ll find yourself suddenly thinking about things like payroll, taxes, and contracts. Yikes!