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Moms (and Dads) make great employees and project people – find and post opportunities

Find part-time jobs, work from home projects with flexible schedules

Check out these great jobs and projects for New York City moms! Meet employers with freelance work, who offer flexible hours, or have a work from home job.

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If you have accounting, cooking, organizing, sales, marketing, tutoring or other skills… or if you’re a mom who wants to promote her business – post your qualifications to tell our community of NYC individuals and businesses looking to hire qualified individuals about your services.

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Find talented, skilled moms and dads looking for opportunities

If you’re looking to hire someone for a part-time job or project, or your family needs a tutor, graphic designer, event planner, organizer, stylist, accountant, etc.

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Looking for a rock star professional to fill full- and part-time, flexible job positions? Many national companies have hired Mommybites moms after posting a job on our site. Find the right person with the skills you need from our community.

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