5 Essential Yoga Poses for New Moms

New moms tend to have a lot on their plate. Not only are they figuring out how to raise an entirely new human, but they are also reconciling this novel responsibility with a vague resemblance of normal life and a dramatically altered sleeping schedule. Naturally, new mothers might feel they lack time to take for themselves whether that be through exercise, relaxation or fun. Yoga is an excellent opportunity to combine all three and can be done easily. At home, in any spare 20 minutes, they may be able to catch while the baby is sleeping or with another caregiver. Pregnancy, birth and childcare can be tough on the body and the mind, which is why we’ve specially selected some yoga poses with new mothers in mind to alleviate anxiety and stress as well as help with much-needed recovery and strengthening.

3 Skills Children Gain from Learning about Their Brain

Most children by age 3 are able to label the various parts of the human body and describe their functions. Feet are used for walking, eyes are for seeing, mouths are for eating and talking, and so on. However, the concept of the brain and it’s utility is sometimes glossed over by parents and teachers because, frankly, it can be difficult to explain. But your child is never too young to be aware of the brain and the power it has.

The Use of Technology in Your Kid’s Education 

Technology is rapidly expanding into every aspect of our lives, and the classroom is no different. Whether we like it or not, traditional methods of learning will inevitably become technology assisted or driven, and in some cases even replaced by machines.  So does technology actually improve the level of education that a child receives? Is your child’s education being improved or hampered by the plethora of equipment now available to assist in his or her learning?  


Don’t Make These Silly Mistakes with Your Nanny 

While you’d love to be home with your little ones all day, work and other obligations may prevent you from doing so. If this situation sounds all-too-familiar, it may be time to hire a nanny. Now, before you begin worrying about a complete stranger entering your home and watching your children, know that there are precautions you can take to ensure the nanny is qualified and competent. 

How to Teach Sustainability From a Young Age

All the way back during the Industrial Revolution, high-profile names like Adam Smith and David Hume were already speaking out against a failure to protect the natural world that we live in. 

In more recent years, the threat of a rapidly changing climate and the importance of sustainable living have been even more keenly felt as bigwig personalities, like Robert Downey Jr., have continued the push to save the planet through modern technology. 

7 Gender-Neutral Alternatives to a Gender Reveal Party

While gender reveal parties are a staple of many pregnancy journeys, you may be looking for a new alternative to an old tradition. Though these parties only recently sprung up in popularity, they tend to uphold outdated gender roles. Pink and blue are lovely shades — but many people become wrapped up in assigning traits, personalities, and even colors to babies based on their sex. Gender is more about personal expression, making the name ironically inaccurate from the start.