Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Ongoing Issues With the In-Laws

I wrote to you last year about favoritism occurring in my husband’s family – his parents showing a preference for their other grandchildren over ours. We took your advice and spoke to his parents about a few of the issues we noticed. They were very appreciative for the information and accepted it, but things still […]

Readers’ Comments: Impacts of the Election on Family Relationships

Many readers responded to my column, Impacts of the Election on Family Relationships. Although I focused primarily on family relationships, many readers report that the presidential election affects non-familial relationships as well. For example, one reader writes: “Someone posted this comment on your column [referenced above]: ‘Just experienced a “it’s better if we don’t talk” […]

Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Impacts of the Election on Family Relationships

This is an unabridged version of my column that will be published in the March/April issue of GRAND Magazine. Prior to the presidential election I wrote two columns on how the presidential campaign was impacting family relationships: (1) “Grandparents’ Political Rants Are Upsetting;” (2) “Readers’ Responses to Grandparents’ Political Rants.” Post-election, many readers who did […]