New York Family Interview: Parenting Unknowns

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I had the opportunity to interview our support director and parent coach Renee Sullivan, for this month’s NY Family magazine. Here’s a little snippet from the article.

Heather: For me, the theme of there not being black-and-white answers to becoming a parent carries through to almost everything we will talk about. Parenting just does not happen like that!

Renee: [laughing] In the groups moms always ask, “When does it get easier?” and I say, “Well I have a 6-year-old, I’ll let you know.” The cool thing is that we get wiser, we get more proactive, so parenting doesn’t get easier per se, but we get smarter. One of the moms in the groups said, “I realized that becoming a mom has activated a super gene in my brain.” Becoming a mom helps us do so much more, take on so much more and be so much more. There’s a pot of gold on the other end, but we’re not sure if we’re going to meet a troll or a leprechaun along the way.

To read more of the interview where I ask Renee about sex, stretch marks, birthing choices and more, click here. Also, NY Family has started super great Baby Newsletter especially for NY City parents!




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