Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Should Grandparents Share Their Views on Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol?

Our two grandchildren have just – gasp! – entered their teen years. We’re hoping you can give us advice on talking with them about peer pressure and issues involving sex, drugs, and alcohol. We are fortunate in that we are on the same page as their parents in these matters, but we also feel that as their grandparents we might have some different approaches and opportunities than what they have with their parents. And is it even our place to engage on these topics?

Mother-in-Law Feels Rejected by Daughter-in-Law

My older son, Tom, 32, married to Tracey, became involved with her when he was 17 and she was 19. She is really the only person he ever seriously dated. She has always called the shots in their relationship.  During the past 15 years she is always warm and friendly at family functions (while my […]