Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Readers Reflect and Commentate – Our Children Were Going To Be Mixed…

As we crawled closer to a commitment, I began to envision the better world our children would live in. And one thing I was sure about: Our children were going to be mixed. No child of mine was ever going to describe herself as “Black, with a white parent” — a phrase that I associated with the double whammy of being ignored or abandoned by your white family and labeled by an America that believes in the “one drop rule” and has enslaved, subjugated, and oppressed people accordingly.

Anxious Parents: Raise Resilient Children

  In my last article, “Anxious Parents: Are We Raising Anxious Children?” I reviewed taking a look at ourselves as parents and asking the question – are we anxious? If so, are we passing that anxiety down in our everyday parenting? Preparing that article forced me to self-reflect and take a look at the language […]

Tips for Talking About Death to a Child

There is no pain like that of losing a loved one, especially at a young age. After such a tragic loss, small children often experience a whirlwind of emotions for quite some time. They’re tremendously saddened, distraught, angry, and can have a lot of unanswered questions. As parents, what do we need to tell them about death and how should we approach the conversation?