10 Easy Ways to Soothe Your Fussy Baby

Fussy babies can often have a hard time sleeping, calming down at night, or being comfortable. They can often cry late in to the night, making it hard for you both to get a good night’s rest. Try out some of these tips if you find that your baby is fussy!

3 Best Dental Care Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

Bringing your new baby into this world is one of the most exciting things in life, and breastfeeding your little one is an amazing way for you two to connect. But, it is easy to put all of your focus on the new baby and forget your own health. Read on to see how you can take better care of yourself and your teeth while you are breastfeeding.

6 Important Dental Care Tips for Your Kids

Dental health and hygiene are crucial aspects of growing up healthily. It can be daunting to try to figure out how best you can help your kids develop skills to have strong and healthy teeth throughout their lives. Read on to see some of the most important tips straight from a dental hygienist!