10 Mistakes Parents Make in the First Year

Being a new parent can be a fun and exciting experience. The first year for a new parent is full of awe and wonder at the new life you’ve created, but it can also be full of worry and anxiety. If you’re worried about making mistakes the first year (and every year thereafter), you aren’t alone!

Anxious Parents: Raise Resilient Children

  In my last article, “Anxious Parents: Are We Raising Anxious Children?” I reviewed taking a look at ourselves as parents and asking the question – are we anxious? If so, are we passing that anxiety down in our everyday parenting? Preparing that article forced me to self-reflect and take a look at the language […]

6 Helpful and Stylish Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

Once upon a time, you decorated your home just for you — and the rest of the grown-ups in your life. There was no need to think about sharp corners, steep steps or unused plugs. Instead, it was all about style. Now, of course, everything has changed. With all the joy that comes with a baby […]

Best Baby Shoes for Beginning Walkers

What is more exciting than watching your baby take her first steps? Now that she’s on the move, you may want to consider purchasing her first pair of baby shoes. With so many styles of baby shoes on the market, which ones are the best choice for a new walker?

5 Reasons Why Children Need a Creative Outlet

Childhood is supposed to be about kids learning to explore their environment and figuring out how to react to the world. School can be a good tool for this, but like as not, school is relegated to learning how to stand in line and how to take and pass tests. There isn’t much room for […]

How Much TV Time is OK?

I would love to say no TV time is best, but I know that can be tough. We need time. We want kids to be quiet and sit. We have things to do. There are also some things that we LIKE watching with our kids. So how much TV is the right amount?