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Childproofing Your Bathroom

Protecting your baby gets tougher when he or she gets the ability to crawl and/or walk. Suddenly the most normal parts of your home present new dangers - especially in the bathroom. That’s because, to a crawling baby or growing toddler, the bathroom is a curious space worth exploring. Your child wants to open doors, reach for bottles and learn more about all the objects in the area. The only problem? In bathrooms, this kind of discovery can be dangerous. Bathrooms are notoriously filled... read more

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Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Readers’ Responses to Grandmother Hesitant to Voice Concerns

I received several comments about my column, “Grandmother Hesitant to Voice Concerns About Granddaughters’ Dietary Habits.” The responses generally fell into one of three categories: (1) The grandmother should share her concerns head-on with her daughter-in-law; (2) The grandmother should … read more

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Healthy, Kid-Friendly Smoothie

Sometimes I wonder if other people get as much pleasure as I do from seeing their children eat healthy food. There is just something so reassuring about it, knowing that vitamins and nutrients are being flooded through their growing bodies. … read more

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Positive Effects of Competitive Sports

Kids participating in youth sports today can choose between competitive and noncompetitive programs. The latter have gained a lot of traction in recent years. Such leagues focus primarily on participation and having fun – everyone is identified as a “winner,” … read more

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Summer Salad – Hold the Lettuce

On more than one occasion I’ve heard my pre-schooler exclaim: “I love Kale!” or “Spinach is my favorite food!” This is typically followed by a statement that she will eat salad when she is seven, or some other very arbitrary … read more

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Conversation Starters: Race and Parenting

As many of you know, I have had the honor of interviewing dozens of incredible parenting luminaries over the years for my articles in New York Family Magazine. This month’s article was the first time, I (and my good friend … read more

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Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Incorporating Social Justice issues Into Parenting Practices

Dear Readers, Racial violence and unrest are uppermost in the minds of people across the country. Many have asked themselves: What can I do to make a positive difference? As my former colleague and good friend, Adelaide Lancaster, and her … read more

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What Can I Do About My Rude Toddler?

My toddler is becoming disrespectful. Her go-to response for me is yelling and rudeness. What can I do about this? I want her to express herself but frankly, I also want her to stop yelling at me. Ahhh, that fine … read more

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