How Accurate Is My Due Date?

Yesterday, we had a woman in class who was one day past her due date. She had a look of defeat on her face and was completely unsettled by the situation. She explained that her first baby was two weeks early so she had expected the same would be true the second time around. There is so much build and anticipation around a due date; yet, only about 5% of women actually give birth on that particular day. How are due dates predicted? There is a formula known as “Naegele’s Rule” which... read more

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Until We Had Kids

I often read the the last page of a magazine first (with the exception of The Week, where I read the Real Estate page in the middle first). So I had to smile when I read the last page of … read more

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Food Fight

A recent New York Post article sparked a food fight. If you missed it, you can read it here. Naomi Schaefer Riley uses Julie Gunlock’s new book to back up her claims that the organic mommy mafia embodies “arrogance and … read more

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piano lessons

The Little Perfectionists

Yes, I’m talking about perfectionists at age three. I’m talking about the tantrums that happen when they can’t find middle C on the piano immediately. And yes, I’m talking about how they are swearing off piano when they make one … read more

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Flaxseed, Apple and Plum Muffins

Do you want to add some extra fiber in your diet? Try these flaxseed apple and plum muffins. They are made with whole wheat flour and are filled with nutrients. They are also pleasantly sweet from the brown sugar, apple … read more

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Sing It Like You Mean It!

OK – I have a new crush. No, it’s not Brad Pitt (that’s an old crush). Or a new slightly random crush – that’s Jason Bateman (who’s with me?). It’s this dude right here singing his heart out with his … read more

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Truths and Myths about ADHD

With all of the information available to us, it is important for us to clarify some of the misinformation that is out there.  ADHD is a neuro-developmental disorder that can result in weaknesses in attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. It’s more … read more

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Lifelong Memories: Grandparent-Grandchildren Road Trips

Dear readers, In addition to writing this column for Mommybites, I am also a regular columnist for GRAND Magazine. Below is an expanded version of a column I recently wrote for them. Wishing you a happy and safe summer and … read more

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