Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: A Grandmother’s Letter to Her Grandchildren

Dear Readers, In the spirit of National Grandparents Day on September 7th, I want to share a letter that a grandmother wrote to her grandchildren. I am collecting letters between grandparents and grandchildren. If you have a letter you wrote (or wish you had written!) as a grandparent or one that you received as a grandchild, and if you are willing to share it (anonymously), please send it along to me. It can be on any topic. I will post them. Happy Grandparents... read more

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Why Your Three-Year-Old is Not a Jerk

…And How to Keep Him/Her Like That OK, let’s go with the idea – that one that has been popping up all over your Facebook and Twitter feed – the idea that three-year-olds are as… umm… hmmm… assertive. It is … read more

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To Medicate or Not To Medicate ADHD?

This is a question that parents struggle with once they receive an ADHD diagnosis for their child. For some parents, it is out of the question. Some are open to the idea, while others may want more than just medication. … read more

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Finding a Family Friendly Community in a Different Country

Moving is never easy, especially when it involves moving to a different country – and with a family. Aside from finding a new home and jobs, you are likely looking for a family friendly community in your new location, which … read more

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Getting Great Group Photos of Kids

The group portrait of all your children… it always sounds like a nice idea. How often have you thought ‘I’ll bet Grandma would love a photo of all the kids together – I’ll see if I can make that happen!’ … read more

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Should I Give My Kids Snacks?

I see parents carry around snacks – lots of snacks for their kids. I don’t do that. I want my kids to eat their meals. Am I being too tough? Am I starving my kid? There is nothing that sends … read more

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Healthy Back to School Snack Ideas

Back to school time is coming up fast and, as you already know, it’s hectic to say the least! Coming off of a busy summer can leave parents frazzled and overwhelmed before the school year even begins. It’s important to … read more

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Ice Buckets, ALS and Lou Gehrig

This seems to be the summer of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It is also the 75th anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s speech announcing his retirement from Major League Baseball following his diagnosis of ALS: “Fans, for the past two weeks … read more

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