Twin Talk: What I Have Learned Since Having My Twins

My twins are turning 3 this month. I can honestly say that having them has been a non- stop learning curve. I’ve learned practical things, like how to prepare a bottle, to emotional things, such as how much it hurts you when your child is sad. Then there is everything in-between. I noted a few things that have really stood out in my mind on my journey. Here goes… 1. A lot of patience (more than I could have imagined) is required when raising twins. I have to dig down deep on many days.... read more

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What’s More Frightening Than Life Insurance? Not Having Any! Teleclass Re-cap

Are you scared, confused, or overwhelmed by the financial planning decisions ahead of you? Whether you are a parent of five kids or newly expecting, it’s hard to find time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee – let alone … read more

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Teleclass Re-cap: Supporting Your Baby’s Development – Why Music Matters

Music can play a powerful role in our lives, and for babies and young children, introducing music early on can promote healthy brain development. The impact of music on the brain is becoming a ‘hot’ topic in science. This week, … read more

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How Parents Can Help Their Children To Be Better Readers

You don’t need to take a course… It’s inexpensive… it is joyful and it will make a difference. You can help your child be a better reader by talking, smiling, gently touching, singing, playing baby games, reading aloud, reading and being … read more

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Friends Who “Knew Us When”

I just finished planning my annual girls’ weekend with my college crew and saw this awesome article on “annual girls’ weekends” by Angie Frederickson, which truly resonated with me in so many ways! Here’s a snip of my favorite part: … read more

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4 Tips for a Healthier Halloween

For even the healthiest eaters, added sugars are an unavoidable part of Halloween celebrations. Between school parties and evening trick-or-treating, your child will inevitably indulge. Halloween treats don’t have to be scary, though. There are ways to keep your children’s … read more

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Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Grandmother Has Problems with Disobedient Grandchildren

I read and loved your response to the grandma with the undisciplined twin five-year-olds. I’m in a similar situation, except my “grandchildren” – who aren’t really my grandchildren – are 10 and 11. My husband and I have been married … read more

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Down to Basics with Baby: The 3 Toys You Need for Baby’s First Year

The concept of quality over quantity is quickly forgotten when expecting a new baby. Parents are showered with all kinds of toys that they simply do not need for baby’s first year. We all tend to over-complicate things. Why overwhelm … read more

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