Mommybites Chit-Chat: Erin Ziering

Mommybites Chit-Chat: Conversations with luminaries, entrepreneurs and influencers in the parenting world Background My name is Erin Ziering. You may know me as the wife of Ian Ziering or from our family and lifestyle website, At Home with the Zierings.  I grew up in a small farm town in Ohio. My father owned a Christmas Tree Farm. It was a magical childhood, but as I grew up I started craving a city life. I decided to go to college to become a nurse. I loved caring for people and nursing... read more

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Blended Family: How To Cherish The Traditions Of Your Entire Household

One of the most common challenges that often comes with blended families is learning how to adjust to each other’s lifestyle. Each person brings their own habits and traditions into the family once everyone is under the same roof. To … read more

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Back to School Travel Safety: Teleclass Re-cap

Does your child start school this year or is he/she getting ready to go back to school?  Have you given thought to the drop off line at school or even carpooling and booster seats? This week is Child Passenger Safety … read more

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The School Challenge: 5 Tips for Parents

The new school year is a challenge not only for children, but also for parents. We have to adequately prepare ourselves for this new period of a child’s life, and there are some good ways to do that. According to … read more

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Dr. Gramma Karen: Our Son-in-Law is a Tyrant

Can you give my wife and me some advice about our tyrannical son-in-law? My daughter was forced to have 6 kids in a 10-year marriage, two sets of twins and two single births. He does not hit her, but otherwise … read more

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Twin Talk: Hello… Remember Me?

Before I had my twins, I had often heard moms say that they “lost” themselves after having their kids. They were so wrapped up in family life that they forgot about their own needs. I remember thinking with judgment, “How … read more

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September is the Worst

I thought I’d share my favorite, funny and oh-so-true, back-to-school blog this week. Enjoy! September is the Worst (by M. Blazoned) Not to be totally paranoid, but I’m pretty sure September is trying to kill me. Forget December and the … read more

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The ABCs of Swaddling: Teleclass Re-cap

Most parents are taught about the comfort and benefits that are achieved from swaddling, which has been practiced for hundreds of years. What we don’t know from the get-go is what a pain it can be. Wrapping baby. Re-wrapping baby. … read more

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