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My Toddler’s ‘Tude is Out of Control

My toddler is really flexing her muscles. Her attitude is out of control. I want to support her fire but I also really don’t like the ‘tude. Yup, toddlers start to push back and make their voices louder and louder as they wade deeper into their twos. They go past just the “no” stage into real attitude and sass. Give your child the words and tone you want to hear and don’t respond until you hear it back -  and not just a little better. Make sure they articulate what they want... read more

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Protected: Support Your Child’s Development Through Play: Online Class Re-cap

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Four Parenting Styles

Parenting is no easy feat. Taking care of a a little life takes up all of your attention and Moms and Dads develop different parenting styles to deal with this responsibility. Often, parenting style arises from the way parents  were … read more

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Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Ongoing Issues With the In-Laws

I wrote to you last year about favoritism occurring in my husband’s family – his parents showing a preference for their other grandchildren over our two boys. We took your advice and spoke to his parents about a few of … read more

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New Year, New Manners: Teaching The Modern Day Child About Etiquette

With the new year come New Year’s resolutions, and many parents out there will be looking to teach their kids lessons on the art of good manners. Politeness and etiquette are essentially timeless, but some of our younger generation (and … read more

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Twin Talk: Twin Tip – Chux Liners

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that 2017 is off to a great start! I love writing my Twin Talk posts, and hope that you have enjoyed reading them. My goal has always been … read more

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Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: My Daughter-in-Law Insults Me by Cleaning My House

I’ve never had a particularly warm relationship with my daughter-in-law Bernice. She’s a bit of a cold fish. For example, when her mother died a few months ago, I never saw her shed a tear. Whenever I tried to talk … read more

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Why Recess Is Essential to Child Development

Some of our best memories of grade school always start with that recess bell ringing. That joyful sound was letting our little minds know it was time to go outside and play. Unfortunately, in recent years, schools have waved goodbye … read more

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