My Toddler is Masturbating: What Should I Do?

My child has, umm, found herself. My mom says that I must make her stop and put her in time out. My friend says let her be. What do I do? Ahh, yes. We think we have time before we have to talk to our kids about masturbation. We don't have to worry about it until they are pre-teens or teens. NOPE. Kids find themselves early. Incredibly early. How could they not? It is right there ‘n’ all. It often begins when the potty training begins. All of a sudden there is access. Access to this... read more

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Advice From the Home Front for Expectant Moms

I recently received an email from one of our students, fresh from the birth of her beautiful daughter. Her birth story was truly amazing and special, and I felt honored that she included me in the circle of people with … read more

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Keeping Your Kids’ New Year Resolutions

I am a big breaker of new year resolutions. However, this year’s involved my son, so I am trying my hardest not to break it. He announced on January 1st that his resolution was to “do more cooking with mommy.” … read more

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Financial Planning Without Falling Asleep: Teleclass Re-cap

Do you have questions on this topic? If so, please see the our expert’s contact information below. He will answer any and all questions free of charge. As a parent, you know that financial planning is vital, but it can … read more

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Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Grandparents Question Participation Trophies

Our grandchildren (grade-school age) have started playing sports. We are wondering about the phenomena of giving every child a trophy, no matter the outcome of his/her season. To us, it seems like an idea that doesn’t help children deal with … read more

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Suspecting Special Needs?

You’ve read a lot, have younger siblings, headed up a babysitting empire, have older children or just have that parent’s hunch. You may be suspecting an issue concerning the proper development of your child.  I know I did. After having … read more

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We’re In This Together

One of my college roommates recently sent this to me. As a mom of “older kids” I just had to share a few excerpts from it: Dear Lonely Mom of Older Kids, Remember when it was easy to post photos … read more

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Acknowledgement: A New Year Resolution for Parents

It’s that time of the year again. We reflect on the year that has passed, our accomplishments, our failures. We walk into the New Year with hopes to fulfill our resolutions of eating better, working out. You even take action … read more

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