Lifelong Memories: Grandparent-Grandchildren Road Trips

Dear readers, In addition to writing this column for Mommybites, I am also a regular columnist for GRAND Magazine. Below is an expanded version of a column I recently wrote for them. Wishing you a happy and safe summer and memorable “grand travels.” Best, Dr. Gramma Karen “I have an idea for our next road trip.” says six-year-old Mickey to his grandparents. “Let’s go to Legoland®!” More and more grandparents are starting a tradition of taking their... read more

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Chocolate Saltines

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time for long hot days on the beach, campfires and my personal favorite – BBQs. Now, as many of you know, I am a terrible cook (and by terrible, I mean downright awful). … read more

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Summertime Bonding for Families

Memorial Day and July 4th have passed, school is out, and it’s officially summertime. The longer days, combined with more relaxed work schedules for many parents, make summer the ideal time to take a family vacation, spend weekends outdoors and … read more

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Does Time Out Really Work?

All my friends and I use Time Out, but agree that it is not working for us most of the time. Are we doing it wrong?  I cannot tell you how many times I am asked about Time Out. Many … read more

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The Role of Play at School and Home: A Foundation for Lifelong Learning – Teleclass Re-Cap

This week, we held a highly informative (and fun!) teleclass on the role and importance of play, generously sponsored by Explore + Discover and expertly facilitated by early childhood educators, Renee Bock and Jacqueline Marks. Renee and Jacqueline helped participants to … read more

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7 Ways to Keep Kids Healthy

Kids are very sturdy… until they are not! Children can get through a lot, but as adults, it is our responsibility to give them the best environment to grow in. Kids get into a lot of things and they are … read more

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The Joy of Play

These breathtaking and magical photos of children playing in various countries around the world are just too good not to share. “No matter their cultural background, no matter their economic situation, kids will always find imaginative ways to have fun. … read more

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S.O.S. Product Review: Googaro

*This is sponsored product review Review by Michie Miller I like to keep things interesting for my daughter. I find that I spend way too much time searching online or in baby stores for the perfect combination of age-appropriate items to … read more

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