Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Concern About A Young Boy Who Has No Friends

I am not a grandparent, but my close friend Sally is. Recently my husband and I had a group of friends over for dinner, including Sally, her husband, their 12-year-old grandson Martin, and Martin’s parents. There were various other adults and several children, all around Martin’s age. I noticed Martin did not interact with any of the other children. In fact, while all the kids were out in the yard playing, Martin remained at the table with all the adults, joining in our conversation,... read more

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3 Things To Stop Doing for Your Child

As parents, we want to make life easier for our kids – and admit it – ourselves. We want our kids to be happy (and non tantruming). The thing is, there are some life skills that kids need to develop … read more

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Finding Your Tribe

  It’s no secret that I am a TV junkie. One of my favorite TV writers is Shonda Rhimes -who, in my opinion, is transforming television. Those of you who saw Scandal‘s “The Lawn Chair” episode may agree. Which is why … read more

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A One-Minute Mommy Emergency Meditation

I know what you’re thinking:  “Another thing to add to the list of things I won’t get done today.” But this is different. When I first became a mom (and let’s be honest, every time I became a mom thereafter!) … read more

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Kids playing music with xylophone

Music Matters- Learning for the Hearts & Minds of Young Children: Teleclass Re-Cap

We hear a lot about why music is good for children, particularly in terms of its impact on later academic achievement. Why does music matter? Does Mozart make you smarter in the short and long term? What are the many … read more

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Mommy Pick-Me-Ups

A Busy Mommy’s inner thoughts: “What time is it? What day is it? I’m so tired! Oh no the baby is crying!  Where’s his blankey? What am I making for dinner? Did I shower today? How about yesterday?  I think … read more

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Newest Addition to the Mommybites Family

Please welcome the newest addition to the Mommybites family: Joy! Mommybites is thrilled to welcome Joy, our co-founder Laura’s new “baby” to our community. Joy is a Black Lab American Foxhound and is estimated to be about 1 1/2 yeas … read more

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10 Helpful Hints for Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum

Please enjoy this list of 10 healthful hints for pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Much of this information is gathered from friends, students, hands-on experience, mentors and teachers. I strongly believe in learning from others, so please feel free to pass … read more

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