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The Child Care Hack Series: Employer Liability, Wages & Mary Poppins

Hi! I’m a former Manhattan nanny with 12 years' experience, and I’m totally obsessed with the child care in a weird geeky way. My column is all about you the new parent, looking to go back to work after a long pregnancy and the birth of junior, or you, the mom who needs an extra pair of hands with your growing brood. Consider my hacks as short cuts, tips or tricks to navigating the complex world of U.S child care. In my previous column The Child Care Hack Series: What Do You want... read more

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Pediatric Dental Care: Online Class Re-cap

We recently held a highly illuminating teleclass on pediatric dental care, hosted by Dr. Adam Silevitch, DMD, Partner at Pediatric Dentists NYC, PC - also our generous sponsor. Dr. Adam answered questions regarding your childrens’ teeth, from the basics to some … read more

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5 Reasons The Suburbs RULE (and 3 Reasons We Still Miss The City…)

We get it—you love the city. We love it, too. And, like you, we vowed we’d NEVER leave city limits—EVER. Then one day we did. Some of us stayed put for awhile while others made the leap right away—some even … read more

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Kids and Sports: Bench the Stench

Kids love to run around, play, and get dirty. As a parent, it can be quite the task to get all that laundry done. This becomes even more of a challenge when your child is involved in youth sports, specifically hockey. Your … read more

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Birthday Party Planning Tips

A birthday party is one of the events a kid looks forward to all year. It’s a day of fun, friends and frosting for them, but for parents, the looming prospect of a birthday party is viewed somewhat differently. There’s … read more

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Readers’ Comments: Impacts of the Election on Family Relationships

Many readers responded to my column, Impacts of the Election on Family Relationships. Although I focused primarily on family relationships, many readers report that the presidential election affects non-familial relationships as well. For example, one reader writes: “Someone posted this … read more

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Banana Pancakes (Gluten Free & Dairy Free)

Q: What’s better than homemade pancakes on a snowy day?! A: Homemade pancakes that are actually HEALTHY – yet still delicious! Not only are these pancakes amazing, but they are gluten free and dairy free, too. I kid you not. … read more

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Pregnancy Diet: Which Foods Should You Eat or Avoid?

When you find out that you’re pregnant, you might think that you have to eat foods with twice as many calories so that the baby grows in a healthy manner. However, you’ll soon find that if you eat a lot … read more

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