Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Grandmother Questions Parents Staying Together

I am a widow with two wonderful grandchildren, Diane, 9, and Toby, 11. Their parents are my daughter-in-law, Susan, and my son, Miles. For several years I suspected that Susan and Miles just go through the motions in their marriage and are together just for the sake of the children. Although Susan and Miles are always polite and cordial to each other, there is a stiffness and aloofness in their interactions with no show of warmth or affection toward each other. As parents, they are devoted... read more

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Mother and daughter planting flowers together.

Going Green 101 for Families: Teleclass Re-Cap

There is a lot of talk lately about families “going green,” buying organic and living more eco-friendly lives. But what exactly does this mean and how can parents incorporate green living into their day-to-day routines? This week, Mommybites held a … read more

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The Adventure That Will Make Your Soul Happy

Dear Woman, You are enough. You are good enough, beautiful enough, imperfectly perfect enough. Pay no attention to the messages out there that tell you you need to be doing more or better – or feeling crappy about any part … read more

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Getting Stuff Done with Your Child with ADHD

If you have a young child with ADHD, you know that getting through non-preferred tasks – that is, anything that is not a video game, iPad, running outside, or watching TV – is difficult. How many times have you wanted … read more

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Mommybites Job Connections

Let me start by saying that Mommybites moms rock! We rock as moms, as friends, as wives and as sisters. We rock when we work inside the home and we rock when we work outside the home. And it is … read more

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Fig Granola

Are you looking for a healthy breakfast or lunchbox item for your child? This fig granola is perfect to send with your little one to school since it has no nuts and is dairy free. The granola if full of … read more

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Back to School – Quick & Healthy Food Choices: Teleclass Re-Cap

Are you already stumped when it comes to packing lunches and snacks? Do you find it hard to come up with quick yet healthy breakfast ideas? Help is here! This week, we held a highly informative teleclass, led by registered … read more

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Natural, Organic and Healthy at Natural Products Expo East

Mommybites visited Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore and loved learning about the latest and greatest in the natural and organic products world!   Like what you read? Sign up for our free newsletter so you can be informed of the latest … read more

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