Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Fit During the School Year

Your child’s health is your first priority, and one of the best ways to keep her strong and active is with fitness programs designed for younger children. These programs are not intended to increase muscle mass or definition, but rather focus on teaching kids to how to use their energy in a beneficial manner. Childhood obesity is growing due to the excessive usage of technology - such as computers, tablets and video game systems - which have caused children to become less active with their... read more

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The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Just recently, several friends and family members of mine had new babies, and it reminded me of how often new moms have questions regarding breastfeeding.  Additionally, a lot of advice is given to new moms and often it may differ … read more

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Empowering You With Safe & Natural Alternatives – Maty’s Baby Ointment: S.O.S. Product Review

Review by Jessie J. Rubin There’s a lot of baby ointment out there – so what make’s Maty’s different? Well here’s what Maty’s founder, Carolyn Harrington (mother to daughter Maty – whom the company was named after), had to say: “Your … read more

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Creating Healthy Sleep Habits: Teleclass Re-cap

This week, we held a highly informative teleclass for new parents who were interested in learning about infant sleep. Generously sponsored by Happy Family, renowned sleep expert Janeen Hayward covered such topics as eliminating night wakings, naps, and much more – including the opportunity … read more

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Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Grandson Ponders Leaving the Family Business

About 25 years ago our son, Randy, bought an assisted living residence. Over the years he has built this business into a successful chain of residences worth millions. It was always assumed his two sons (our grandsons) would join the … read more

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What You Should Look for in a Daycare

As the summer is soon coming to a close, many new parents and parents-to-be are thinking about daycare for their baby. As a father of two and, at the time, having both my wife and I commute over an hour … read more

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4 Ways to Have a Great Summer Staycation With Your Kids

When we hear the word vacation, some of us may think of the classic eighties tune of the same name by the all-girl group the Go Go’s: “Vacation, all I ever wanted, Vacation, had to get away.” But for many … read more

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Can You Discipline Another Person’s Kid?

I was at the playground and a kid took a toy away from MY kid. I didn’t know what to do. Can you discipline another person’s child? This one is often up for debate, but I say YES! If their … read more

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