Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Readers’ Comments, “Young Granddaughter Dresses Sexy”

I received several comments about my column “Young Granddaughter Dresses Sexy”. The mother of a 13-year-old girl comments that “I think an important point is that different clothing are for different environments – hanging out with girlfriends in short shorts at a sleep over is different than wearing a push up bra that powers up your breasts when going to church. I feel there is the issue of respect when it comes to covering your body.” I would add that young girls are not born... read more

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music child

How to Make Music Important In Your Young Child’s Life

If you wish your child to develop further interest in music as an adult,  you need to instill a love for music at an early age. Here are some tips to do this at home. Listen Just listen! As much … read more

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Kefir Maple Cornmeal Cake

Are you looking for sweet and healthy delicious breakfast or dessert? Try this Maple Cornmeal Cake made with plain Kefir. The cake is super easy to make in the morning or perfect for a weekend brunch. The cake keeps well … read more

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The ABCs of Childcare- Options, Fit, Provider Relationships: Teleclass Re-cap

Finding the right nanny or babysitter is one of the most important decisions a family can make. We held a very important and informative teleclass last week, generously sponsored by UrbanSitter and expertly presented by Lynn Perkins, CEO of UrbanSitter. During … read more

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The Universal Language of Throwing a Ball

There seems to be a universal “language” – and it’s the simple act of throwing and/or kicking a ball. I was in Boston a few weeks ago, and my older son and I were having a catch with a football … read more

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Have We Gotten Too Serious as Parents?

I think parenting has become way too serious. What do I mean by that? Well, it seems these days we are inundated with labels, an emphasis on getting our kids into the trendiest schools, and making sure they are “well-balanced” … read more

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Financial Planning Without Falling Asleep: Teleclass Re-cap

As a parent, you know that financial planning is vital, but it can be boring, time consuming, uncomfortable and confusing – to say the least. You dread it, right? So do we – and that’s why we held an important, … read more

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Kitchen Dangers: What Your Child Needs to Know

As your child grows, he gets curious about what goes on in the kitchen. It’s an amazing room filled with all kinds of tools and equipment used to make food. Instead of shooing the child away, perhaps it’s time you … read more

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