Five Ways You Can Advocate for Your Special Needs Student

With a special needs student, it is hard to create balance between allowing the school to make decisions on your child's behalf and being a thorn in the school’s side. As a professional advocate, a trained teacher and lawyer working exclusively in the field of holistic advocacy within school systems at every age, I know from experience how tough this is.   Here are some tips to keep in mind while advocating for your special needs student. Set up a meeting.  Although this... read more

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Living As Is

A friend who I taught with in England sent me this great piece by a dad blogger with three boys – ages five and under. HERE is an expert (by the way, I love his blog’s tagline, “Living my life … read more

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How to Give Your Kids Power in a Powerless Situation

As a mom of two boys, I’m used to having to sit them down from time-to-time for a good old fashioned “talk.”  The reasons have varied – maybe I noticed they didn’t do so well on their last math test, … read more

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My Toddler is Masturbating: What Should I Do?

My child has, umm, found herself. My mom says that I must make her stop and put her in time out. My friend says let her be. What do I do? Ahh, yes. We think we have time before we have … read more

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Advice From the Home Front for Expectant Moms

I recently received an email from one of our students, fresh from the birth of her beautiful daughter. Her birth story was truly amazing and special, and I felt honored that she included me in the circle of people with … read more

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Keeping Your Kids’ New Year Resolutions

I am a big breaker of new year resolutions. However, this year’s involved my son, so I am trying my hardest not to break it. He announced on January 1st that his resolution was to “do more cooking with mommy.” … read more

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Financial Planning Without Falling Asleep: Teleclass Re-cap

Do you have questions on this topic? If so, please see the our expert’s contact information below. He will answer any and all questions free of charge. As a parent, you know that financial planning is vital, but it can … read more

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Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Grandparents Question Participation Trophies

Our grandchildren (grade-school age) have started playing sports. We are wondering about the phenomena of giving every child a trophy, no matter the outcome of his/her season. To us, it seems like an idea that doesn’t help children deal with … read more

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