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Happy Thanksgiving to Our Mommybites Community

As Thanksgiving rolls around again - whether you're staying close to home or hitting the highways and sky-ways; if you're honoring old customs or starting new family traditions; whether you're about to be a first-time mom, your baby just started teething, your toddler just threw his first tantrum, your pre-schooler learned to write her name or your older son just had his first sleepover - we wish you a wonderful holiday. Let's hold our dear ones close and give thanks for the love, connection... read more

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New Resource for Parents: BIBB Magazine

As you know Mommybites is the go-to community for quality parenting resources, support and education so when we met the BIBB Magazine team during the ABC Kids Expo…and then saw their beautiful magazine, we just had to share with you! … read more

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Passionate Music Makers: Does Your Baby Like Music Class?

You know music is great for your child, but why? And how do you know the class is worth the money? What should you expect? I’ve been an early childhood music teacher for fifteen years, and I’ve seen many children … read more

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Speaking With Children About Frightening News

Last Friday night, my husband and I boarded an overnight flight to London. We used to live there for many years (our older son was actually born there and has duel citizenship), and we were headed back to visit with … read more

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10 Fun Learning Activities To Do At Home

Now that we’re well into autumn and it’s getting rather chilly outside, it’s a perfect time to find more quality time with your children in the midst of their school schedule. You’re well aware that free time with the kids … read more

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How Do I Handle An Epic Toddler Tantrum?

My kid’s meltdowns are EPIC! I don’t know whether to give in, give a Time Out, or give him away (no, not really). Help? Ahhh, The Epic Toddler Tantrum. It is a masterful thing. Number one, remember that it is … read more

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The Early Bird Catches . . . Flak: Why Does My Little One Wake So Early?

There is a prevailing feeling that some children are just natural early risers. There is some truth to that. Some children do generally wake earlier than others, but there’s early and then there’s early. It might surprise you to know … read more

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The Bittersweetness of Parenting

One of the Ted Radio Hour shows I listened to lately mentioned that experiencing the emotion “bittersweet” – to feel two contrary emotions at the same time – is what makes us uniquely and delightfully human. Which got me thinking … read more

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