Love Noise

Valentine’s Day seems to be a more difficult day for some – and a day that some try to avoid – as it reminds us of the “noise” of where we presently are in our lives. This age of technology can easily rip away the mystery of discovering love, meeting people, and interacting authentically with […]

Community Bliss

Sometimes you may feel the need to go run in the forest to find bliss or take a vacation, but with a little bit of ingenuity, there’s no need to take a vacation to find bliss. A little Google search can help you find hidden gems in our own community that help you feel connected. […]

Be Love

As parents, I’ve realized we grow up with our children. Having a toddler has opened my eyes to the joy of being love in everything I do. Logan’s favorite activity is the slide at the local playground. As I watched him run and jump one day, with every move the careful mommy was afraid and […]

Lessons Moms Can Learn from Dads

So I recently read a long, controversial article on the importance of “horseplay” amongst dads and their children. The idea is that the time dads spend with their kids sometimes – in moms’ eyes – is not “productive” or “not involved enough or present enough.” It went on to suggest that we should allow ourselves […]

My Summers in Brooklyn

What are your fondest memories growing up? Now living in a predominantly Caucasian suburban town with my two-year-old, I am itching to share some of my fondest city times  with my little boy. My first son, Cliff, grew up in my childhood home in Brooklyn and slept in my old bedroom, where I’d stare out […]

Unexpected Surprises

“So it’s time for Logan to start trying the potty,” says his teacher to me. A chill ran up my spine and images of the movie Alien for some reason came to mind- sheer gore, terror and screaming were what popped into my head when “the potty” was mentioned. Just as a single girl looking […]

Father’s Day

As a mom, I often have the overwhelming feeling of my heart breaking – not as a result of sadness, but the intensity of sheer joy that permeates every fiber of my being. These moments hit us all at the oddest times, don’t they? While cleaning our homes or driving to the market, sometimes early […]